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Zach Hammer (‘24) Crushes the Rock Climbing World

Zach Hammer (‘24) Crushes the Rock Climbing World

Amata Wilson June 8, 2023

“I’ve been climbing basically my whole life,” says Zach Hammer (‘24). Since he was three years old, Hammer has competed in Youth National Championships since he was around nine years old, and Adult...

Willow Hayner (23’) showing off their outfit. Credit: Caroline Theiss

Skyline Students Jump Into Spring With an Excitement for Fashion

Caroline Theiss June 7, 2023

The sun is finally shining down on Skyline students, spring has sprung! There are lots of questions burning in the backs of Skyline student’s minds, most importantly: what do I wear?! The Vogue 2023...

It Ends With Us cover. Credit: Simon and Schuster

Is It Ends With Us Worth The Hype?

Ryann Brooks June 7, 2023

“What would you do? If one of these days, this little girl looked up at you and she said, ‘Daddy? My boyfriend hit me.’ What would you say to her?”    It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover...

Soar into Skyline Takes Flight

Kathryn Plotner June 7, 2023

On Thursday, May 4th, Skyline welcomed three hundred of its incoming freshmen to Soar into Skyline, a tradition meant to acclimate them to their new school. Sixty student guides led them on tours around...

Boats Skyline is sending to nationals 2023 (memorial day weekend). Credit: Henry Strait

Skyline’s Nationally Ranked Crew Team Has Room for You

Henry Strait June 7, 2023

The Skyline crew team is one of – if not the most – successful teams at Skyline, last year winning the men’s and women’s sculling at Midwests, winning multiple State championships.   Their...

All departments are given a portion of the general fund supply budget based somewhat on the size of the team and type of department. Credit: Ashley Han

Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go? A Breakdown of The Skyline Budget 

Ashley Han June 7, 2023

What pays for the pizza in the cafeteria, the furniture lining the classrooms, and our Chromebooks? Must come from somewhere, right? And why is everyone fundraising all the time? The school budget is an...

Jordan swims butterfly at a swim meet. Credit: Nicole Mckelvey

Luke Jordan Shines: “It is Very Hard… But… Extremely Rewarding ” 

Henry Strait June 7, 2023

Luke Jordan (24') is one of the best rowers on the Skyline team, and is also on deck to be one of the captains for next year's swim team. Since his freshman year, he's improved a lot in both sports.  Jordan...

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

Jaeden Klassen June 7, 2023

There is always a point in one’s education when they wish they could get more help with their work, whether it be an essay, some math problems, studying for an exam, or otherwise. I’ve never been great...

Eating areas. Green is explicitly allowed, red is explicitly forbidden. Photo Credit: Kathryn Plotner

Hallway Closures: Administration Wants a More Supervised Lunch 

Kathryn Plotner and Mara Farmer June 7, 2023

Before, students ate anywhere on the second floor. A group sits near the black box theater, somebody reads curled by the office. Now, those areas are empty. What changed? At the start of third trimester,...

Heather Schimmel: Humans of Skyline!

Heather Schimmel: Humans of Skyline!

Ferris Ingram June 7, 2023

¨I love working with a variety of students... I was a high school science teacher at an all girls school, so I like having these different levels of diversity at Skyline. I feel like I learn something...

Teagan McCallion: Humans of Skyline!

Teagan McCallion: Humans of Skyline!

Connor McCallion June 7, 2023

“My 9th grade experience has had its ups and downs… Starting off with a new school, people have friends from middle school and others like me have not so many. But once I figured out the environment...

Valerie Fleming: Humans of Skyline!

Valerie Fleming: Humans of Skyline!

Josie Miller June 7, 2023

“Being on the robotics team at Skyline is super fun, everyone is so accepting and willing to help. If you don't understand something, people will explain it as soon as you ask.”

Are Firm Deadlines Necessary? The Skyline Community Weighs In

Cecelia Brush June 7, 2023

Changes in school structure during the pandemic have sparked another variation of Skyline’s ongoing conversation about how to best support all learners. Do students learn better working at their...

Senior Statement: A Letter to My 9th Grade Self

Senior Statement: A Letter to My 9th Grade Self

Lizzy Beck June 7, 2023

Dear 9th grade me,  I know you’re not that nervous about high school and you think everything is going to be the same from middle school. Spoiler alert: it’s not. No matter how much you worry about...

A look at how our grades will be structured. Credit: Skyline Administration

Zero Will Be the New 50%: Skyline to Change Grading System this Fall

The Skyline Editorial Board June 7, 2023

  NEWS STORY By Natalia Murrell Starting next school year, we can expect Skyline High School’s grading system to look a lot different from this year. Starting in August, our grades...

Mens Varsity Quad Captures the Bronze for Skyline at Nationals (credit: Skyline Crew)

Spring Sports Wrap Up

Crew: Henry Strait The crew team started a great season at their first couple of regattas, sweeping their opponents. At States, the girl's team repeated as state champions, and the boy's team got second. Competing...

Lake Michigan lookout Credit: Josie Miller

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun?

Josie Miller and Olivia Haft June 5, 2023

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun? Summer is the time to relax and finally get a long break after a stressful school year, but do you ever find yourself bored  or not prepared for next...

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

Ferris Ingram and Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 5, 2023

Ferris: My family is Ashkenazi/Mizrahi Jewish. Most of us are very involved in the culture.  The food we eat is very important for us to have when we’re together. I grew up eating pierogies, cholent,...

Screws, Nuts, & Bolts: Is It Worth It To Read Cinder?

Screws, Nuts, & Bolts: Is It Worth It To Read Cinder?

Ryann Brooks June 5, 2023

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer, is about a cyborg girl named Cinder whose life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai's where she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle and...

The Twisted Series by Ana Huang Credit: Tantor and Blackstone Publishing

Is It Worth Reading The Whole Series of Twisted?

Ryan Samuels June 5, 2023

“You don't have to work overtime to get people to love you. Love isn’t earned, it's given.”    The Twisted series of four books is honestly a lot. Each is slightly different. There are...

Pizza In Class - Usable under creative commons

Why Can’t Students Order Takeout In Class?

Josie Miller June 5, 2023

Did you know students are not allowed to order food to be delivered to Skyline? Or that this policy has been in place for years?  Although it was mentioned in the Fall 2022-2023 student handbook, there...

A view inside Dawn Treader Book Shop. Credit: Ashley Han

Books and Beaches: Your Guide to All Things Summer Reading!

Ashley Han June 5, 2023

With summer steadily approaching and the days ahead being booked for relaxing beach days, books might be the last thing occupying your mind. But whether you find yourself in the Maldives or Michigan, picnicking...

List of Who is Doing What Next Year:      Skylines Post-Graduate Choices

List of Who is Doing What Next Year: Skyline’s Post-Graduate Choices

Ryan Rzeszut and Nathaniel Werns June 5, 2023

  ​ Congratulations to all!  Here are the plans that the class of 2023 chose to share with The Post.  Note:  a missing name is not an error.  Many graduates are still...

Example of personal style Credit: Diego Hurtado

Personal Style and Branding: Can They Influence Your Mood?

Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 1, 2023

As someone who likes to dress nicely and pays attention to what I wear, I run through many little problems throughout my day: “Do I look good?”  “Are people staring at me?”  “Should...

A digital art piece of a lively convenience store by Ray Neiburger.

Artists of Skyline: What are they up to?

Caroline Theiss and Eda Kirca June 1, 2023

You never know when an artist may be hiding in the corners of Skyline. Lurking within the classes, hallways, and stairwells at any given time, there are lots of creative minds here at our school with plenty...

Why the Writers Guild of America May Be the Only Thing Standing Between Hollywood and AI

Why the Writers Guild of America May Be the Only Thing Standing Between Hollywood and AI

Avni Gupta June 1, 2023

In an industry built on twisting words that flow from page to mouth to ear, the key player is the writer. To have a movie, you must have a script or at least some semblance of a written plan. A base of...

Under Creative Commons. Art by: AntMan3001 on Flickr

Are Marvel Movies Ruining Cinema?

Connor McCallion June 1, 2023

Responding to Scorsese's Take on Marvel Movies Martin Scorsese once said that Marvel movies are not cinema. A lot of people disagreed with him.  But as Marvel’s quality has gone down and their output...

The homepage of a fan fiction website, Archive of Our Own (Cr: Screenshot taken by Ember DuPont)

Fanfiction: What is it and How it Impacts You

Ember DuPont June 1, 2023

Everyone has a favorite show that was canceled one season too early or a video game in a franchise that just didn't measure up to the rest.  Many people accept that: they can love the things they’ve...

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