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The History Behind Skylines African Humanities Class

The History Behind Skyline’s African Humanities Class

Anisha Ramachandra and Bella Simonte May 18, 2022

Skyline’s African American Humanities class has been an elective class in the district for over a decade. With its unique take on learning and student engagement, it is both a collaborative and research-based...

Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses Cover

Throne of Glass vs. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Which is worth the read?

Cate Howard May 10, 2022

Which series is better: Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses? Both fantasy series center around a strong female lead with likable characters and a carefully written plot. They’re both great...

Shatter Me in the Skyline library

Shatter Me Shatters Expectations

Phoebe Spadafore May 10, 2022

Just like the title, this book will shatter your perception of young adult and dystopian novels. Juliette is cursed with the power of lethal touch. After 264 days of being locked up in an asylum alone,...

Sneaker Culture at Skyline

Waleska Castaneda-Martinez May 10, 2022

“Getting my Jordan 11 ‘Gym red’ was probably the hardest to get,” said Junior Jayden Potts. “So I had to wait at a Footlocker an hour away. I arrived at 5 am…they opened the store at 10 am.” “Sneakerheads”...

Student getting back into the swing of in person school studying in the Skyline library

How Counselors Suggest Handling Online School

Emily Krese and Dalen Patterson May 10, 2022

“Take a breath”: Skyline counselors give their input on virtual school Students have struggled to face the realities of online school since the rise of Covid. Skyline has had to close down school...

Skyline Sports Persist Throughout the Pandemic

Skyline Sports Persist Throughout the Pandemic

Onat Ozer May 10, 2022

The 2021-2022 school year at Skyline has seen hectic shifts from in-person to online. Yet while classes have had to alternate from zoom calls to in-class lectures, sports have been able to proceed with...

The women’s locker room before a game; cramped and dirty.

Disparity Between Hockey Locker Room Conditions Raise Concern

Avelyn Bonner and Bella Simonte May 10, 2022

There is a clear disparity between the accommodations each Skyline Hockey team gets for locker rooms; the men get private, spacious, and clean accommodations, whereas the women get borrowed and dirty facilities....

Wido, pictured above in front of a park.

Wido: Field Day Album Review and Interview

Raven Marin May 10, 2022

Introduction Out of all the artists I have gotten to know within the hyperpop scene, Wido (pronounced widow) has been one of my favourites to not only listen to but also get to know as a person. I first...

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Swings Into Theaters on October 7th, Raising Critical Questions: Is Marvel Whitewashing Their Characters?

Jade Flores and Sammi Perkins May 10, 2022

Spiraling through the multiverse once again, Miles Morales is back for his 2nd feature film.  Spider-man Across the Spider-verse swings into theaters on October 7th, 2022. Accompanied by Gwen Stacy...

What do Skyline Students Listen to? Survey Says: EVERYTHING!

Hasan Alsamerai May 10, 2022

Through a highly scientific and very precise survey asking 105 Skyline students to share their favorite song and genre of late 2021–early 2022, The Skyline Post has discovered that students' music tastes...

Tyler, the Creator’s CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST A Little Bit of Something for Everyone

Diarra Seye May 10, 2022

When Tyler, the Creator released his seventh album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST in June of 2021, it was apparent that he had everything he could ever ask for as an aspiring artist: a recent Grammy win, increasing...

Legendary Drummer Neil Peart: One Fan’s Tribute

Andres Marquez-Collins May 10, 2022

January 7th, 2020. A couple months before lockdown, the world lost one of the greatest rock drummers ever to have existed. Neil Peart, talented drummer and lyricist for the band Rush, passed away from...

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