Luke Jordan Shines: “It is Very Hard… But… Extremely Rewarding ” 

Jordan swims butterfly at a swim meet. Credit: Nicole Mckelvey

Jordan swims butterfly at a swim meet. Credit: Nicole Mckelvey

Luke Jordan (24′) is one of the best rowers on the Skyline team, and is also on deck to be one of the captains for next year’s swim team. Since his freshman year, he’s improved a lot in both sports. 

Jordan achieved a new personal record in the 2k erg test by over five seconds this year, and at Nationals earned third place in the boys varsity quad. Recently in swimming he also qualified for the state meet at the SEC meet in the 100 butterfly. 

“Luke has improved tremendously…since his freshman year,” says swim coach Maureen Murrett, “He made the state team as a junior and has an opportunity to score at the state meet his senior year.”  Jordan and his goal is to be the best captain possible by “being the best role model and friend to my teammates.” This aligns with when I asked Murrett what made Luke special and different from the majority of Skyline athletes. “Luke is a good teammate who is open to all swimmers and takes pride in reaching out to younger athletes,” said Murrett.

In Crew, Luke is rowing as well as ever. During Midwest’s May 13-14, Luke “won the quad by 13 seconds” and will be going to nationals for the second year in a row. Winning the quad was the high point of the year for his crew season. 

Last summer, Jordan joined the US 19 summer national team of 38 hand picked high school athletes to potentially be on the national team next summer. For his future in the sport, Jordan looks to “get the school record (in the quad) and hopefully get to join the national team and compete at worlds.”  He may also potentially row in college.

Competing in two of the most difficult and time consuming sports can be extremely mentally and physically challenging and very difficult on your schoolwork. When asked about this, Jordan said, “It is very hard because it eats up all my free time, but if you can manage your time well then it is extremely rewarding because all that exercising will guarantee my success in those sports.”