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Senior Statement: A Letter to My 9th Grade Self
Senior Statement: A Letter to My 9th Grade Self
Lizzy Beck June 7, 2023

Dear 9th grade me,  I know you’re not that nervous about high school and you think everything is going to be the same from middle school....

Graduation 2023 Photo Gallery
Graduation 2023 Photo Gallery
Evi Edlund and Cate Howard June 7, 2023

Student Graduation Speaker Aaralyn Huhn (23). Credit: S. Thomas and D. Hurtado-Cardenas
Student Speaker at Graduation is Aaralyn Huhn: Future Nurse, Current Potter
Kathryn Plotner June 5, 2023

How were you chosen to give the student speech? Apparently, there were 11 speeches that entered and they anonymously selected my speech. What...

List of Who is Doing What Next Year:      Skylines Post-Graduate Choices
List of Who is Doing What Next Year: Skyline's Post-Graduate Choices
Ryan Rzeszut and Nathaniel Werns June 5, 2023

  ​ Congratulations to all!  Here are the plans that the class of 2023 chose to share with The Post.  Note: ...

Micheal Mychaliska and Avivah Mitchel Accept Their Awards After Being Nominated for Most Likely to Save the Environment. Credit: Jaeden Klassen
Senior Spotlight Shines Light on Bright Students 
Phoebe Spadafore June 4, 2023

High school is a significant time in a student's life where we form experiences, practice for growth, and work hard.  Each year, the senior...

“It makes me feel good to see [students] feel pride about themselves and their work. It has nothing to do with me career wise…I saw them get like excited and they had to get more critical…It helps me because it makes us feel proud of our students…My students are my artwork, my students are my portfolio.” Credit: Video Recording
Faculty Speaker at Graduation is Ceramics Teacher Candace O’Leary: “I'm honored that they would want that closing moment with me”
Kathryn Plotner June 4, 2023

How were you were chosen to be the faculty graduation speaker? I have no idea. I thought it was a senior prank, to be honest. I think they...

The pressure on Ann Arbor students to get into UM is real: I wish I didn’t feel like I had to lie Credit: J. Simonte.
Senior Reflection: Why I Lied
Bella Simonte June 2, 2023

I’ve lived in Ann Arbor my entire life. All six of my father’s siblings went to the University of Michigan, as did my grandfather, our family...

New college roommates get to know each other. Credit: Creative Commons.
How To Find a College Roommate
Kat Bauer June 2, 2023

Getting into college is already stressful enough, but finding a freshman year dorm mate is almost as hectic. Going through the respective class...

Outside the Cube at Skyline (Credit: Isaac Mack)
Solving Skyline’s CUBE: Inadequate Staffing, Other Issues Limit Students’ Opportunities
Isaac Mack June 2, 2023

Since its inception in 2011, Skyline’s College & Career Center, or “CUBE,” has fluctuated  between being a busy operation teeming...

Being away from your friends can be hard (Credit: Olivia Palmbos)
"Change is hard, but don't be afraid of it": Alumni's Tips and Tricks for Keeping Up with Friends in College
Olivia Palmbos June 2, 2023

As the reality of graduation sets in for seniors, many students may begin to wonder: how will I keep up with friends from high school after splitting...

Jake tries to stop his brother from leaving for college (Credit: Evelyn Edlund)
I Think My Dog Has Abandonment Issues: Leaving Home and Leaving Your Dog Behind
Evi Edlund June 1, 2023

Whenever we leave, our dogs may destroy couches and steal shoes. They get violently and disgustingly upset – similar to toddlers dropping their...

Skyline Graduation. Credit: Meredith Giltner.
Senior Reflections
Maja Smith June 1, 2023

Before we go onto college, trade school, or whatever path life leads us on, our seniors have reflections to share on their Skyline experience.  Q:...

The Met Gala Comes To Ann Arbor: What Were People Wearing And Why?
The Met Gala Comes To Ann Arbor: What Were People Wearing And Why?
Sarina Thomas and Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 1, 2023

This year’s Met Gala theme gave attendants a broad panorama of options, from stylish, innovative examples, to funnier and groundbreaking...

A Skyline Student Begins To Write Their Resume. Credit: Ryan Rzeszut
Resumes: What They Are, Why You Need One, And How To Write It
Ryan Rzeszut May 31, 2023

Whether you’ll be walking across the stage at graduation this year or are just starting your high school journey, a resume is very important...

Skyline Graduation. Credit: Meredith Giltner.
“It’s Bittersweet:” Teachers Say Goodbye to the Class of 2023
Lance Caswell May 31, 2023

The seniors are leaving. It's a reality teachers face with each year’s senior class. This time of year is always difficult for teachers despite...

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