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A digital art piece of a lively convenience store by Ray Neiburger.
Arts & Entertainment
Artists of Skyline: What are they up to?
Caroline Theiss and Eda Kirca June 1, 2023

You never know when an artist may be hiding in the corners of Skyline. Lurking within the classes, hallways, and stairwells at any given time,...

Slade After a Shot, credit: Golf Association of Michigan
Skyline Golf Senior: Andrew Slade
Will Pace May 30, 2023

This season for Skyline’s boys golf team has been largely successful, and a lot of that is thanks to senior Andrew Slade (‘23). He has helped...

District 2022
Breaking News - Lovelace Stepping Down
Olivia Palmbos and Sara Zubieta May 19, 2023

Mike Lovelace, math teacher and long-time coach for Skyline boys varsity basketball, recently decided to step down from his coaching position...

For Mother’s Day, the crew team brought home Midwest Championship in Sculling Points and Second Overall
Spring Round Up: Crew Season Results
Staff May 15, 2023

Example of personal style Credit: Diego Hurtado
Personal Style and Branding: Can They Influence Your Mood?
Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 1, 2023

As someone who likes to dress nicely and pays attention to what I wear, I run through many little problems throughout my day: “Do I look...

Overdue Assignments
How To Get Through/Prevent Mid-Winter Slump?
Olivia Haft May 12, 2023

Now that winter is over, do you ever feel like it was the hardest time of the year for you? After speaking with teachers and students, The Skyline...

Credit: Ferris Ingram
How Missing Too Much School Affects Students
Ferris Ingram May 12, 2023

"Hours matter, days matter," counselor Charissa Bass shares. Why does missing school matter for you?  Teachers interviewed by The Skyline...