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Levis original fanart of Odore Orchestra, a song from the video game Project SEKAI. Credit: Levi Ogden (26).
Levi Ogden: Humans of Skyline!
Dominic Marroni March 8, 2024

“So, basically… I'm an artist…. and I like to go to art class… just to have the ability to express my creativity in a way. I’ve...

Josie Miller (26) posing with pom. Credit: Ava.
Josie Miller: Humans of Skyline!
Veronica Terry March 6, 2024

“I was inspired to join [pom] because I saw the team perform during football season in my freshman year, and I thought it looked fun and...

William Klein (27) poses during a CMPP class. Credit: S. Fry
William Klein: Humans of Skyline!
Sebastian Fry February 19, 2024

“Having my mom as a teacher was like having any other teacher, except I knew that if I messed around in her class she would mention it...

Markell Freeman (27) runs a 100-meter dash at Skyline High School. Credit: J Kowalk.
Markell Freeman: Humans of Skyline!
Amaya Canada February 16, 2024

“I was running the 100-meter dash…at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was feeling good because I was in first place. I've...

Milo VanAmburg (24) records a piece of music for an audition. Credit: M. VanAmburg.
Milo VanAmburg: Humans of Skyline!
Jonathan Chen February 14, 2024

"I play music…. I don't know how to describe [percussion]. You don’t play with your mouth or bow…. Percussion is an instrument. Not...

Edwin Jackson (27) plays the piano in the choir room. Credit: W. Compton.
Edwin Jackson: Humans of Skyline!
Wilson Compton February 12, 2024

“I joined choir because I've been in choir my whole life…. I used to do choir in church and it’s a very spiritual thing for me…....

Mrs. Murray conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra. Credit: I. Saucer-Zeoli.
Mrs. Murray: Humans of Skyline!
Ian Saucer-Zeoli February 9, 2024

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but then in high school, I really enjoyed orchestra and thought, ‘man, this would be fun to...

Troy banks (27) taking a a action photo for womens basketball media day. Credit: L. Horwedell.
Troy Banks: Humans of Skyline!
Amaya Dawson February 7, 2024

“This is me dribbling the basketball for an action photo for media day last week. I would consider basketball more of a hobby, not something...

Nemo Tsai (27) celebrating after a win. Credit: M. Klemm Plousha.
Nemo Tsai: Humans of Skyline!
Mia DeBenedet February 5, 2024

“I’m in San Diego California at Arrowwood Golf and Country Club. I was competing in the IMG Junior World Championships in the 13 and...

Emanuel Morrell-Weston (‘24) playing piano in the choir room. Credit: M. Feliks.
Emanuel Morrell-Weston: Humans of Skyline!
Max Feliks February 2, 2024

“Piano is not what I'm known for. I'm most known for my athletics…. I have a passion for it. I've been playing piano for 2 years…....

Eshaan Tikekar (27) working on his online German class. Credit: R. Gattuso (27).
Eshaan Tikekar: Humans of Skyline!
Roman Gattuso January 31, 2024

“I’m taking German 2B [online] because Skyline doesn’t offer it as a class. Right now we’re learning about family, but we just were...

Amos Daniels (27) is definitely dislocating his arm after this throw! Credit: M. Short.
Amos Daniels: Humans of Skyline!
Julia Moe January 19, 2024

“I am playing fall baseball for Skyline. I am on the JV fall [base]ball team. My favorite position to play is short stop or pitching. Our...

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