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Leif TenBrink (25) reveals the secrets of the rest of the characters to each other. Credit: Molly Stewart.

Skyline Theater Lights the Stage Once Again: Here’s a Clue on How

AJ North May 6, 2024

When it comes to Skyline Theater, the shows range from serious to comedic on a year to year basis. Clue, the spring play for this year, is no exception from the comedy and craziness the program brings...

Josh Lee Practicing His Solo for Solo & Ensemble. Credit: Jonathan Chen (24).

Skyline Band and Orchestra Compete in MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Competition

Jonathan Chen April 5, 2024

For orchestra and band kids all over the nation, the Solo & Ensemble competition is a big deal. For students in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, District Solo & Ensemble, hosted by MSBOA (Michigan...

Naya Loftus and Matthew Christansen performing in their band, Perfect Average. Credit: L. Loftus.

Students Create Music Outside of School: Here Are the Details

Roman Gattuso March 11, 2024

Some Skyline musicians perform before crowds of fans, some make music in their room.  They create in a spectrum of genres, including experimental, jazz, indie, and more. “I make jazz-inspired...

Linsday CieChanski acknowledges Bel Canto after a performance. Credit: Richard Rupp Photography.

CieChanski! Skyline’s Lindsay CieChanski Named 2023 UMS/DTE Educator of the Year

Grace Yao March 4, 2024

The Skyline choir director Lindsay CieChanski (pronounced “see-chan-ski”) has been named the 2023 DTE Energy Foundation Educator of the Year by the University Musical Society (UMS). This award is given...

Ella Ricci (24) and Yufei Fu (25) diligently practice their winter serenades. Credit: G. Yao.

How Serenades are Made: Behind the Scenes of the Popular Skyline Tradition

Grace Yao February 19, 2024

Skyline High School would not be the same without the repeated sound of All I Want for Christmas is You playing throughout the halls in the wintertime. Whether people are writing silly letters to friends...

Skeagle the Eagle practices music with its cardboard cello. Credit: J. Chou.

How the Skyline Orchestra is Rebuilding Post-COVID

Grace Yao November 14, 2023

*Cough cough.* This sound has been a harbinger of sickness since 2020. Only recently have tensions regarding this sharp expelling of air diminished. However, COVID-19 cases continue to rise, and now they’re...

The Writing Center welcomes you during the Thanksgiving season. Cerdits: O.Watters.

The New Writing Center Contest is Closing Soon, What is it All About?

Olivia Watters November 13, 2023

“People shrieked and cried as shots tore through fabric around the mall. In the chaos, no one stopped to question why the mannequins were bleeding too…” The spooky sentences above won the scariest...

The cast of the Pirates of Penzance stand at the ready for mic checks. Credit: A. Gupta.

Skyline Theater’s Fall Musical: The Pirates of Penzance

Avni Gupta November 2, 2023

This weekend, Skyline Theater proudly presents The Pirates of Penzance. The Gilbert and Sullivan comic-opera follows Fredric on the eve of his 21st birthday and his temporary emancipation from the King...

Skyline kicks off during the Skyline Vs. Bentley football game. Credit: M. Stranahan

Mark Your Calendars: Skyline Sports & Arts in October

Zach Huber October 8, 2023

Skyline is a diverse school with many events happening year-round from January to December, 24/7. With so many things going on every day and every month, let’s take a second to focus on what sports and...

The cast and crew of Urinetown pose for a group picture. Credit: Skyline Theatre

Skyline Theater Roundup

Avni Gupta and Kathryn Plotner June 7, 2023

Skyline Theatre typically puts on a musical, a play, and as a one-act in a year, in addition to taking trips (to Festival, to London or Paris) and running associated classes. This can be a lot.  Below...

A digital art piece of a lively convenience store by Ray Neiburger.

Artists of Skyline: What are they up to?

Caroline Theiss and Eda Kirca June 1, 2023

You never know when an artist may be hiding in the corners of Skyline. Lurking within the classes, hallways, and stairwells at any given time, there are lots of creative minds here at our school with plenty...

Skyline Theater Holds Auditions for Fall Show, The Pirates of Penzance!

Skyline Theater Holds Auditions for Fall Show, The Pirates of Penzance!

Kathryn Plotner and Avni Gupta May 30, 2023

After a highly successful year of musicals, comedies, and dramas, Skyline Theater is preparing for auditions for its Spring Production of The Pirates of Penzance! Auditions will be held May 30th after...

The building station where kids can create whatever they want

Skyline’s Brick Bash: Where it Began and Why You Should Go

Grace Lee February 25, 2023

This year The Skyline Band’s Brick Bash will have something for everybody, from trains, towns, and mosaics to dioramas, mechanical and engineering LEGO designs . The LEGO enthusiast community is full...

Gabriel Hill (23)

Urinetown: The Tight-Knit Skyline Community Behind The Scenes

Sophia Bailey, Journalist January 23, 2023

Whether it be a movie, tv show, or play, we all have heard or seen some form of theatre. Stories are brought to life by people seen and unseen. When a student is interested in Skyline theatre and wants...

The Puffs cheer on Cedric Diggory (Andre Jenkins) after the first task. Credit: Carrie Halliburton

Puffs: 90-ish Witty Minutes of Friendship and Magic That Knocked the Audience’s Stockings Off

Avni Gupta and Ellie Westhoff June 9, 2022

Welcome To Hogwarts, a magic school with four unique houses: Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and… those other guys.  The Hufflepuffs.  Most of the time we focus on the Gryffindors: brave,...

Artists Walking Among You

Artists Walking Among You

Destiny Smetters April 27, 2022

Skyline provides many different art amenities to those with the interest of perfecting their skills or looking to start a new hobby. Art classes include photography, drawing/printmaking, ceramics, theater...

The Time the Arts Seemingly Disappeared and Reappeared

The Time the Arts Seemingly Disappeared and Reappeared

Gabriel Hill and Jane Konigsberg April 27, 2022

On March 13th, 2020, the world came to a close. Covid-19 rang like a tornado siren, causing all schools, most businesses, and other activities to go online or cancel entirely.  Fast forward to the fall...

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