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Frank Oceans Album Cover for Swim Good. Credit: Rostrum Records
Song Candidates for 2024's Summer "Banger"
Julia Zhang June 11, 2024

School is coming to an end, summer is close by, and people are starting to create their summer playlists. What are some “must have” songs...

The Fall Guys Movie poster Credit: IMDB
Is the new Fall Guy Movie worth the watch?
Lucy Naar June 11, 2024

Fall Guy is both an action packed rom-com and a love letter to the stunt community, loosely based off of the 1980s TV show of the same name (ABC,...

Lethal Company. Credit: Zeekers
Is Lethal Company Good?
Alex Dyer June 11, 2024

Lethal Company is an indie horror game released in 2023 by Zeekers. Selling almost 10 million copies from its release in October 2023, Lethal...

Baby Reindeer. Credit: Nexflix.
“Baby Reindeer,” A Show that Crawls Under Your Skin
Lola Valentin June 4, 2024

Baby Reindeer, Nexflix’s latest series, is a haunting and deeply personal exploration of obsession and psychological torment, offering an intense...

Turtles All The Way Down. Credit: Dutton Books and Warner Bros Studios.
Turtles All The Way Down Movie and Book Comparison
Maybree Love June 4, 2024

The popular John Green novel Turtles All The Way Down (2017) has FINALLY been made into a movie. It stars Isabela Merced, Felix Mallard, and...

A scene from Dune Part One. Credit: Legendary Pictures.
Are Dune Parts One and Two Worth Watching?
Fatema Refiei June 4, 2024

Have you heard of the movie Dune? Have you seen it mentioned on YouTube or TikTok, but still haven’t watched it later because you think it'll...

The Lego Flower Bouquet accompanied by Lego Roses, Lotus Flowers, and three of the Mini Potted Plants. Credit: AJ North.
Feral for Flora: Lego’s Botanical Series And Why They’re Worth The Money
AJ North June 1, 2024

Flowers are a common gift for many occasions. Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings are all commonplace to see such elegant decorations...

A story you have to believe to see credit: moviepedia
IF: A Cinematic Journey into Possibility
Tori Williamson-Cardneau May 31, 2024

IF (2024) tries to mix together heartfelt emotion with whimsical fantasy but ultimately falls somewhere in the middle of meh.  Directed by...

If He Had Been with Me Book Cover Credit: Penguin Books
Love That Seems to Never Last: If He Had Been with Me
Lola Valentin May 30, 2024

Prepare to be swept away by a tale of lost love, second chances, and the haunting questions of “what if?” in If He Had Been With Me, by Laura...

Bekka Madeleine serenades a crowd. Credit: Grace Ellen Heard
What to Know About "Top of the Park" 2024
TenBrink, Leif May 30, 2024

Every June in Ann Arbor, one thing signals that summer has properly begun: the explosion of music and festivities just north of the Diag, otherwise...

Adventurers League attendees explore the Temple of Death. Credit: Leif TenBrink.
Sylvan Factory Conjures Magic and Community for Ann Arbor Gamers
TenBrink, Leif May 29, 2024

On a Friday night, amidst Westgate Mall’s stronghold of storefronts, the tables at Sylvan Factory spark with excitement. Gamers hailing from...

Sea Salt Butter Cake From Milk and Froth Ice Cream In Ann Arbor Downtown Main Street. Credit: Sima Refiei.
Milk and Froth: Is it worth it?
Fatema Refiei May 28, 2024

For those who do not know, Milk and Froth (328 S Main St, next to The Chop House) is a new ice cream shop in downtown Ann Arbor. They have the...

Ann Arbors Wazoo Records. Credit: Robin Sickman-Garner.
Why Students Listen to Certain Music
Robin, Sickman-Garner May 24, 2024

Just walking into Skyline in the morning, you see peoples’ musical preferences reflected in band tees and headphones covering ears. They might...

Woman Reading Book. Credit: Pickpik
Peeking Into How People Find Their Reads
Lily Lewis May 24, 2024

I have a hard time finding books to read, and even then, I have a hard time continuing them. I wanted to know how others found their own books...

A helldiver aiming at a hostile bug far away. Credit: Arrowhead Studios.
Helldivers Two Review
Alex Dyer May 23, 2024

Have you heard of the new game Helldivers 2? Released in 2024 by Arrowhead Studios, the sequel to Helldivers has been extremely successful, selling...

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