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Skyline’s administrative team. From left: Delsie Sissoko, Andre Criswell, Casey Elmore, Tracey Stevenson. Terri Patterson. Credit: Ashley Han
EDITORIAL: A Demand for Transparency and Engagement
Ashley Han and The Skyline Editorial Board June 12, 2024

Policy changes abound at Skyline: changes to extra credit policies, mastery correction credit, tardy rules, announcement times, bathroom/hallway...

Mr. Lacy, working hard at his desk in the CUBE. Credit: Ashley Han
Skyline Cube Offers Advice for Summer Job Seekers
Aylin Osorio June 11, 2024

Students are looking for summer jobs and it's getting harder to get hired. A lot of students want a job during the summer. Many don’t know...

The locked door of a Skyline bathroom. Credit: Ashley Han
When Skyline Locks Down at 3:00: What's Open, What's Not
Aylin Osorio and Sari Woo June 11, 2024

Have you ever struggled to find an open bathroom, had trouble getting around the building due to stairwells being locked, or been forced to use...

Some Skyline teachers collected phones at the beginning of class in 2023-2024.  Credit:  Sylvie Bleckman.
New School Cell Phone Policy Loading: Big Change On The Horizon
Amita Nathan and Ethan McElmeel June 11, 2024

For most high school students, cell phones are a staple in their lives. Phones seem to be everywhere and with everyone at all times – even...

All four of skylines cookies. Credit: Lily Lewis.
Analyzing Skyline’s Cookies
Lily Lewis June 11, 2024

Skyline’s school store sells four types of cookies during lunch for one dollar: Sugar, Chocolate chip, M&Ms, and Double Chocolate.  Chocolate...

Skyline bathrooms on both third and fourth floors are closed during school hours.  Credit: Minjoon Kim.
New Bathroom Closures: The What and the Why
Minjoon Kim June 8, 2024

Starting in May, administration began closing half of the Skyline bathrooms during the school day. Only one male and one female bathroom are...

2024 Graduation in Photos
2024 Graduation in Photos
Ashley Han June 4, 2024

Ty Kahle working diligently on their final exam. Credit: Simone Chin.
Seniors Advise Underclassmen: How to Make the Most of High School
Simone Chin and Jaeden Klassen May 28, 2024

As the 2023-2024 school year nears its end, Skyline says “goodbye” to its seniors and “hello” to its incoming freshmen. Starting high...

The Skyline Post 2023-2024 celebrates its wins at MIPA, production of paper editions, and turns leadership over to new Editor-in-Chief, Ashley Han. Credit: Elizabeth Caswell.
Skyline Wins Big at 2024 State Journalism Competition
Annie Blais May 23, 2024

Congratulations to The Skyline Post staff for a new school record of 21 distinct state-level wins in the 2024 Michigan Interscholastic Press...

People move and talk during a recess at the May 15th meeting. Photo Credit: Kathryn Plotner
Looking Forward on Ann Arbor Public Schools’ Budget Crisis
Ian Saucer-Zeoli and Kathryn Plotner May 23, 2024

At May 15th’s Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Jazz Parks revealed her long-awaited plan to alleviate the budget shortfall, which...

Emblem drawn by club member. Credit: K. Rosenblum.
How to Plan A Talent Show at Skyline
Naya Loftus May 23, 2024

We all know about the Skyline Talent show, however, do you know about how it's planned or organized? You have more power when planning events...

Nowitzke teaching AP Precalc. Credit: Minjoon Kim.
AP Precalc+ Debuts At Skyline: What to Know Before You Take This
Minjoon Kim May 18, 2024

Welcome AP Precalculus+, the newest addition to Skyline’s math curriculum. In the fall of 2023, Skyline adopted the AP Precalculus curriculum...

Teachers gather outside Huron High School in protest. Credit: Ian Saucer-Zeoli
At May 8 AAPS Board Meeting: Budget Not on Agenda — So What Did Happen?
Kathryn Plotner and Ian Saucer-Zeoli May 16, 2024

May 8th, 2024, Huron High School. The Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education meeting starts, not in the meeting room, but outside,...

Seniors sporting their customized graduation caps and gowns at the 2023 Skyline Graduation. Credit: Lucas Caswell.
Graduation Ceremony Dress Code: What Can Seniors Wear?
Jaeden Klassen May 15, 2024

Last year, a few of my senior friends mentioned how they wanted to find a nice outfit to wear under the gown during their graduation ceremony....

On May 13th, frogs appeared.  No one knows if this is a challenge, a partnership, or an evil plan.  It is definitely not a senior prank.
What the Duck?! You've Been Ducked!
Simone Chin May 15, 2024

What The Duck? You’ve Been Ducked! Recently, Skyline High School has seen mysterious ducks popping up. Watching as you walk to class. Listening...

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