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Sari Woo (24) excitedly holds The Measure, unsuspecting of the great disappointment to come. Credit: S. Woo.

The Measure: A Must-Not Read

Grace Yao December 2, 2023

What would you do if you knew when you were going to die? This is the question that The Measure by Nikki Erlick (2022) tries to answer as it explores individual and societal responses through eight separate...

The copy of  It Ends With Us from the SKyline Library. Credit: Lia Chung.

The Controversy Around the New York Times Bestseller It Ends With Us

Lia Chung November 29, 2023

Colleen Hoover has become a nationwide best-selling author, rising to fame with her novel It Ends With Us (2016). This book follows the relationship of Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, centering on issues...

One of Us is Lying is the prefect in between for many readers. Credit: Delacorte Press.

I’d be Lying if I said I didn’t enjoy One of Us is Lying

Julianna Bailey November 25, 2023

If Gossip Girl and The Breakfast Club had a baby with a murderous twist, it would be One of Us is Lying. The book’s anonymous gossip website mixed with an almost club-like murder hangout group makes...

Conrad Fisher and Belly Conklin sitting on a beach at Cousins. Credits: Prime Video.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: How the Summer I Turned Pretty Show Differs from the Novel

Olivia Watters November 15, 2023

Isabella (Belly) Conklin has been going to Cousins, a beach town in Massachusetts, every summer since she was a kid. With her older brother Steven and her mom Laurel, they stay with her Mom’s best friend,...

Tom Blyth as Coriolanus Snow and Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray Baird in The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Credit: Murray Close.

Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes: Is It Worth the Read Before the Movie?

Hana Ghani November 15, 2023

“It’s not over until the Mockingjay sings.” These striking words with layers of complex meaning are uttered by Lucy Gray Baird, a main character in the book by Suzanne Collins and upcoming movie...

Over a decade on, John Greens best seller still does not disappoint. Credit: Penguin Publishing Group Cover, Rodrigo Corral

The Fault in Ours Stars is Not Just Another Sappy Love Story

Adira Maze November 12, 2023

The Fault in Our Stars (2012) takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster through the ups and downs of young adults in love under difficult circumstances. New York Times bestselling-author John Green draws...

Skylines Banned Book Shelf. Credit: Lia Chung.

Skyline Librarians Work Against Constant Book Bans

Lia Chung November 4, 2023

Book bans are increasing, mainly targeting public libraries. However, AAPS has not been affected as of yet. "We haven't had book challenges since I have worked here for seven years," says Skyline Librarian...

It Ends With Us cover. Credit: Simon and Schuster

Is It Ends With Us Worth The Hype?

Ryann Brooks June 7, 2023

“What would you do? If one of these days, this little girl looked up at you and she said, ‘Daddy? My boyfriend hit me.’ What would you say to her?”    It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover...

Screws, Nuts, & Bolts: Is It Worth It To Read Cinder?

Screws, Nuts, & Bolts: Is It Worth It To Read Cinder?

Ryann Brooks June 5, 2023

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer, is about a cyborg girl named Cinder whose life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai's where she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle and...

The Twisted Series by Ana Huang Credit: Tantor and Blackstone Publishing

Is It Worth Reading The Whole Series of Twisted?

Ryan Samuels June 5, 2023

“You don't have to work overtime to get people to love you. Love isn’t earned, it's given.”    The Twisted series of four books is honestly a lot. Each is slightly different. There are...

A view inside Dawn Treader Book Shop. Credit: Ashley Han

Books and Beaches: Your Guide to All Things Summer Reading!

Ashley Han June 5, 2023

With summer steadily approaching and the days ahead being booked for relaxing beach days, books might be the last thing occupying your mind. But whether you find yourself in the Maldives or Michigan, picnicking...

The Shining poster by Andrew Kitzmiller (under Creative Commons)

Do Adaptations Have to be Faithful to be Good

Conner McCallion May 12, 2023

Have you ever read a book or played a video game and then, when a movie adaptation finally comes out you see it and think to yourself: Why did they change all of that? But: does changing a lot necessarily...

Storm and Fury Cover by Zoie Reichert and Ryan Brooks

Stars Above: Is It Worth It to Read Storm & Fury ?

Zoie Reichert May 2, 2023

Storm and Fury by Jennifer Armentrout is a story about Trinity, an 18 year-old half-angel, as she tests the boundaries that surround her compound with her Protector Misha, a gargoyle. She learns about...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Colin Zhu licensed under CC by SA

Harry Potter to be Rebooted by HBO Max and Fans Aren’t Taking it Well

Cate Howard and Natalia Murrell May 2, 2023

When HBO Max decided to reboot the series into a show, you would think fans would be ecstatic, but that is not the case. Fans have loved the iconic Harry Potter series for years, with over 500 million...

Time Is Ticking To Read The Clockwork Angel

Time Is Ticking To Read The Clockwork Angel

Ryann Brooks, Journalist April 20, 2023

“Bloodthirsty beasts, never trust a duck.” - Will Herondale, discussing cannibal ducks.   Clockwork Angel is a Shadowhunters novel by Cassandra Clare about a girl, Tessa Gray, who crosses...

The Spanish Love Deception: A Must NOT Read.

The Spanish Love Deception: A Must NOT Read.

Ava Lindblade and Stephanie Chen April 5, 2023

Elena Armas’ The Spanish Love Deception is a romance novel that has grown very popular on social media.  People raved about the characters (especially the love interest Aaron Blackford) and said it...

Best Cry of the Century:  Song of Achilles

Best Cry of the Century: Song of Achilles

Maja Smith, Journalist March 22, 2023

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is the romance of the century, a perfect mix between Greek Mythology and historical events. It’s a retelling of the Trojan War based on Homer's Iliad, a famous...

A shot of the front and back cover of Delia Owenss Where The Crawdads Sing

Where The Crawdads Sing: Worth The Time?

Zoe Sangsland, Journalist January 20, 2023

A swamp knows all about death, and doesn’t necessarily define it as tragedy, certainly not a sin.   Delia Owens’s “Where The Crawdads Sing,” a creative masterpiece, is clearly a hard-hitting...

Drawing of objects from The Inheritance Games

Money, Secrets, Romance: The Inheritance Games Has It All!

Ava Lindblade and Ryann Brooks January 20, 2023

Avery Kylie Grambs was just an average girl until she randomly inherited billions of dollars from a stranger. Or was it so random? Avery is thrown into a world of secrets and strange disinherited rich...

Movie Night With Family; Watching Oceans 11

Ocean’s 11 Showing You How to Rob a Casino

Mira Wroten December 21, 2022

When master thief Rusty calls Benedict after they rob his casino, Benedict answers with this threat:  “All right, you proved your point. You broke into my vault. Congratulations, you're a dead man.” ...

Dark Compelling and Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat  Girl In Pieces

Dark Compelling and Will Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seat Girl In Pieces

Quincy Tramontin, Book Review December 21, 2022

Girl In Pieces is a novel about Charlie Davis, a 17-year-old girl who has faced lots of trauma at a young age; the death of her own father, an abusive mother who does not give her the time of day, and...

The Unhoneymooners: A Tropical Romance -- cover credit: Simon & Schuster + credit: Caroline Dergis

Fake Dating and Vacations The UnHoneymooners What Could Go Wrong?

Caroline Dergis, Journalist December 21, 2022

“A fire ignites in my chest at the thought of being here, surrounded by snow, and the smell of vomit, and the bleak landscape of unemployment while Ethan is lying poolside with a cocktail in his hand.” Ever...

Christopher Briney, left, and Lola Trung star in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Credit: Prime Video/TNS/Victoria Priola.

The Summer I turned Pretty: Novel and Prime Video Show

Quincy Tramontin and Natalie Sperendi October 28, 2022

“They've always seen me as a little kid, but this summer, it's different”, 16-year-old Belly Conklin is determined that this summer will be her best yet. The Summer I Turned Pretty is the first novel...

Sophia Marrs (24) Captivated by The Love Hypothesis. Credit: Mira Wroten.

Give The Love Hypothesis a Chance

Mira Wroten October 28, 2022

“I’m starting to wonder if this is what being in love is. Being okay with ripping yourself to shreds, so the other person can stay whole.” To Olive, this is what she starts to realize as she falls...

Sylvie Bleckman (#26) adamantly reading Regretting You. Credit: Casey Vigo.

You Won’t Regret Reading Regretting You

Casey Vigo and Sylvie Bleckman October 28, 2022

Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us, (2016) went viral on TikTok and numerous other social media platforms for being an addicting and fascinating read that leaves you on the edge of your seat. But that...

In recent years, comments by J. K. Rowling have sparked a controversy. Credit: Ellie Westhoff

Controversy Over J.K. Rowling’s Online Bigotry; is Harry Potter Still Appropriate For Young Audiences?

Ellie Westhoff May 18, 2022
There have been many accusations towards author J.K. Rowling concerning racism and classism in the Harry Potter series, and transphobia surrounding Rowling’s online comments/actions.
Sally Rooney: a Refreshing Take on Relationships in Normal People

Sally Rooney: a Refreshing Take on Relationships in Normal People

Sarina Thomas May 17, 2022

Two damaged people who long for nothing more than to be normal navigate the highs and lows of a relationship. Normal People is emotionally draining in the best way possible. Engrossing, provocative,...

Seven Husbands: A Book You Don’t Want to Miss

Seven Husbands: A Book You Don’t Want to Miss

Nati Murell May 17, 2022

“The world doesn’t give things, you take things” is one of the many inspiring quotes that stuck with me from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  What drew me in to...

Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses Cover

Throne of Glass vs. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Which is worth the read?

Cate Howard May 10, 2022

Which series is better: Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses? Both fantasy series center around a strong female lead with likable characters and a carefully written plot. They’re both great...

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