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Ellie and Joel from the video game The Last of Us as seen in poster art of the game. Their counterparts in the HBOMax show are played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey
HBO’s The Last of Us: Designed for the Average Viewer but an Absolute Pleasure for Fans of the Game
Evan Cohen March 22, 2023

“Mankind has been at war with the virus from the start. Sometimes, millions of people die. ... But in the end, we always win. [However] there...

Course by Course: A Non-Spoiler Review of The Menu
Course by Course: A Non-Spoiler Review of The Menu
Gabriel Hill, Journalist • March 22, 2023

The Menu is a darkly comedic satire that magically merges the worlds of food and film. Although the film focuses on the food industry, the lessons...

The products on the left represent a dupe, while the products on the right represent the name brand.
“It’s really cool to see people our age doing this trend:” What Skyline Students Have To Say About Tik Tok “Dupes”
Elena Mychaliska, Journalist • March 22, 2023

A new trend on Tik Tok has risen in popularity: dupes. On the app, teenagers and influencers go into stores and playfully record the affordable...

Four Recipes for the Transition Into Spring
Four Recipes for the Transition Into Spring
Zoe Sangsland and Tori Williamson-Cardneau March 2, 2023

As the winter season draws to a close, and the rainy season is beginning to move in, food and drink are both great ways to reset your mood for...

The symbol for the Writing Center
The Skyline Writing Center and All the Great Resources it has to Offer!
Charlotte Perry and Anson Murray December 21, 2022

The Skyline Writing Center (Room B429) has a lot of resources; whether it's with essays or basic assignments, the tutors at Skyline Writing Center...

Steven Stone.
Getting To Know Our Community Assistants
Myree Pratt and Laila Nelson June 12, 2022

Our first thought when coming into this school about the Community Assistants (CAs) was that they were here to protect and monitor us outside...

Graduation Gifts: What Do High School Graduates Want?
Graduation Gifts: What Do High School Graduates Want?
Mia Yaeger June 5, 2022

As the school year is coming to an end and graduating seniors are packing their bags to move out, everyone is thinking of what to get seniors...

Getting to The Bottom of School Lunch
Sanjay Rao and Danielle Okeke May 26, 2022

Throughout the media, school lunch food is often depicted as grueling, tasteless food. Nowadays in Ann Arbor public schools, lunches are...

Machine operator Ayu Feje works on a machine that packs bulk clothing into bails at the Goodwill Outlet in Brooklyn Park, Minn., on April 23, 2015. (Jim Gehrz/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)
The Cost of Our Closets: Fast Fashion at Skyline
Alicia Dyer and Amita Nathan May 25, 2022

Thirty pairs of Nikes — all found in a span of twenty minutes while in the Skyline library. With so much of one brand in one place, Nike seems...

The Effort Behind Fashion
Maddy Aldrich and Mia Yaeger May 24, 2022
Every day fashion goes in and out of doors, literally. At Skyline High School, the freedom to make fashion choices allows students to represent who they are and what they stand for.
Opinion: Students and Teachers Alike Dealing With Stress
Opinion: Students and Teachers Alike Dealing With Stress
Alexis Wheeler May 17, 2022

“Some of the teachers add a lot of work and then don’t give a lot of time and it makes school stressful,” says 10th grader Hannah Vig. School...

Student getting back into the swing of in person school studying in the Skyline library
How Counselors Suggest Handling Online School
Emily Krese and Dalen Patterson May 10, 2022

“Take a breath”: Skyline counselors give their input on virtual school Students have struggled to face the realities of online school...

Teacher Feature
Laila Nelson May 10, 2022

One of Mr. Thomas’s hidden talents is that he is a good cook. Mr. Thomas spends his summers coaching swimming, traveling, and dreams of someday...

All the Sweet Secrets Behind This Holiday Treat
All the Sweet Secrets Behind This Holiday Treat
Laleh Walker April 27, 2022

While the holidays have past, some classic treats still remain tasty all year long! Now introducing gingerbread houses! When you think about...

Digging Into the Sneaker Culture at Skyline
Waleska Castaneda-Martinez April 27, 2022

“Getting my Jordan 11 ‘Gym red’ was probably the hardest to get,” said Junior Jayden Potts. “So I had to wait at a Footlocker an hour...