Artists Walking Among You


Skyline provides many different art amenities to those with the interest of perfecting their skills or looking to start a new hobby. Art classes include photography, drawing/printmaking, ceramics, theater and so much more. Recently, The Skyline Post took a deeper look at what is currently going on in some of these classes. Today, we dive into the drawing and printmaking class with Ms.Church to see and showcase what some students are working on.

The three students shown below were currently working with pastel crayons to create something truly beautiful. 

“Art has always been something that I’ve wanted to do,” says Junior Aracely Cobos. “It’s a hobby now, but I hope that one day it can lead to a career.”  

Cobos is an avid artist who’s very talented. She’s been working with art

since she was 10 years old, picking up her materials and never putting them down. Cobos finds her art to be “expressive” and is very “passionate” about her pieces. She makes her art to represent stories and characters that she writes about in her free time. The masterpiece to your left is something she recently made in class. Her art is very impressive, from the bright colors to the eye-catching shapes. 

In comes Daiden Smetters, another junior at Skyline. “I find art calming,” Daiden mentioned, “It’s the best way that I can express myself without having to say anything.”

She has been drawing since she was 7 years old and it definitely shows. Daiden drew this piece freehand. She knew exactly what she wanted to draw once the assignment was given to the class. “Lips, eyes, these were the first things to pop in my head,” she said, “then I started to draw shapes around it. I just knew I wanted vibrant colors.” Daiden says she has been drawing eyes and lips for as long as she could remember. She finds them to be the most interesting part of a person’s face. 

Finally, the alluring art from Jasmine Bowden.

“I like to listen to music while I draw, like most people do,” says Bowdem, “But what makes me different from the rest is my thinking process, the way that I enhance my art.” The piece tells a story of a girl in her own imagination, a secret realm, trying to decide on a creative hair color. Jasmine says, “It took a lot of work and determination to get to the art style that I am at now. I didn’t know what to choose when I was younger but I want to improve my perspective drawings.” While we already think your art is perfect with your use of shadows, colors, and perspectives, we encourage you to always try your best and strive to be better! We applaud you on what you are accomplishing!