Is It Ends With Us Worth The Hype?

It Ends With Us cover. Credit: Simon and Schuster

It Ends With Us cover. Credit: Simon and Schuster

“What would you do? If one of these days, this little girl looked up at you and she said, ‘Daddy? My boyfriend hit me.’ What would you say to her?” 


It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is a messy but beautiful love triangle story. With terrible pasts, and terrible present actions. Then through all the terrible, something beautiful comes out of it. This beautiful story is built upon multiple relationship conflicts and insecurities. But maybe that’s just the sign Lily needs to realize. Does her heart still belong to the guy of her past? 

It Ends With Us is a tear jerker. It will put your emotions on a rollercoaster, leave you speechless and crying. If you love romance, love triangles, adventure, and drama; then this book is certainly for you. If you struggle with past abuse, or sexual assault, then I would be careful. This book can be graphic. If you liked the Twisted Series by Ana Huang, or People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry, You will LOVE Colleen Hoover’s writing. 

Lily Bloom: a girl who is very realistic but loves fantasy, who led her family to shame by delivering a horrific eulogy at her own father’s funeral. She has a story people wouldn’t dream of. 

Atlas Corrigan: the man of Lily’s past. He has a horrifying past of rejection and abandonment. He grows to be a wonderful human, despite the way he was brought up. He has an open heart, and open arms. He is welcoming, especially if you’re entering his very successful restaurant. 

Ryle Kincaid, a genius with major anger management issues. He blooms a beautiful relationship although he used to be a man who once hated marriage, the idea of children, and love in general. 

My favorite quote would have to be, “I think about how sometimes, no matter how convinced you are that your life will turn out a certain way, all that certainty can be washed away with a simple change in the tide.” This is my favorite part from this book because it is very relatable. In this case, the person she thought she knew and loved, turned out to be exactly like the person she hated most. Many high school students can relate to this, because we deal with fake people all the time. People we thought we knew, turn out to have just been stabbing knives secretly in their back. 

This book is good for multiple reasons, the one that I love the most is I would say the love triangle. Romance is a big standout to me in novels, and this book gives me everything I could’ve asked for.  As you read it, you will think she’s found her prince charming, but is her actual prince charming from her past or her present? Which guy will she choose? I love the pulling, the tease of the love triangle. 

“I personally believe it is a wonderful book,” says Evelyn Villatoro (‘26). “I was skeptical at first. But once I actually read it, it sucked me in. I didn’t cry, but my emotions were pulled. Lily has been through so much, whether it’s her past or her present…I really recommend reading this book. Get the second one!” 

The only bad thing is that it can be very triggering to some individuals. There are scenes of abuse and sexual assault multiple times throughout the book. Another thing that could be bad is at certain times it can be a little bit predictable, but almost every romance novel is. Otherwise, it is a great read, I really recommend it. Fall into the book world. Fall in love with the fictional characters. I love living in fantasies. Reading is another fantasy to fall into. A different world. Read this book, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Now you may be thinking, ‘This book is so overhyped.’ I thought the same thing. Then, I bought it and read it. Believe me when I tell you my jaw dropped, this book shocked me. This book is definitely worth your time. Especially with the second book out now, It Starts With Us, it gives you all the drama you could need.