Are Skyline Sports Fees Stopping You from Joining a Team? Help Is Available


Skyline athlete Dominic Clark (’25) (credit: Aya Beydoun)

As you may already be aware, it is not cheap to be a part of a Skyline sports team. This article will break down all the fees so that the Skyline community can understand why it costs so much to participate and how you can seek financial aid to help with these hefty prices. 

“District fees pay for the Skyline athletic budget,” says Laurie Adams, Skyline athletic secretary official. “This includes coaches’ salary, equipment, officials, buses, and anything you might need for that sport.”

Team fees are separate from district fees. A team fee can usually vary from $50-$200, unless you’re joining Crew, only team fee that is around $400-600, depending on the season. Team fees pay for the uniform, snacks, and other things the coach decides is necessary. 

Money can be a big issue when it comes to playing sports. “Money gets in the way of sports,” says D’Tavien Hines (“25). “If you can’t pay the money on time they will kick you off the team regardless.” 

Athletes must pay both district and team fees.  “District sports fees pay for the school budget on sports as well as insurance,” says Adams. “Team fees pay for everything for that specific team but the coaches are supposed to inform you as to what you are paying for.” 

Importantly, Adams mentions that “no matter the team fee, coaches are told and expected to be ready to support players who might need extra help with money.”

But can Financial Aid cover all fees? “It does help with team fees,” says Mrs.Adams. “If you have reduced lunch, you’re automatically set to get financial aid for team fees. If you don’t have a reduced lunch, you’ll have to talk to your coach, and they should direct you on how to get financial aid.” 

For district fees, Adams suggests athletes talk to or email the athletic director, Andre Criswell ([email protected]). 

How easy is Financial Aid to access?

“It wasn’t too hard to get Financial Aid,” says one Skyline athlete. “I was given a person to email and your name was anonymous.” 

What about refunds? “It’s refundable but you need a doctor’s note,” says Adams. “The insurance ($15 fee added to district fee) is not refundable but the other $250 is refundable if [you are] unable to play.  Although there is a limit…for example you cannot refund it halfway through or towards the end of the year after already playing sports etc.”