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Levis original fanart of Odore Orchestra, a song from the video game Project SEKAI. Credit: Levi Ogden (26).

Levi Ogden: Humans of Skyline!

Dominic Marroni March 8, 2024

“So, basically… I'm an artist…. and I like to go to art class… just to have the ability to express my creativity in a way. I’ve been drawing for years on end… when I was in fourth grade,...

Josie Miller (26) posing with pom. Credit: Ava.

Josie Miller: Humans of Skyline!

Veronica Terry March 6, 2024

“I was inspired to join [pom] because I saw the team perform during football season in my freshman year, and I thought it looked fun and something I'd enjoy doing. Pom has helped me make and become...

William Klein (27) poses during a CMPP class. Credit: S. Fry

William Klein: Humans of Skyline!

Sebastian Fry February 19, 2024

“Having my mom as a teacher was like having any other teacher, except I knew that if I messed around in her class she would mention it at home. Also, I could ask her stuff in class like, ‘what...

Markell Freeman (27) runs a 100-meter dash at Skyline High School. Credit: J Kowalk.

Markell Freeman: Humans of Skyline!

Amaya Canada February 16, 2024

“I was running the 100-meter dash…at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was feeling good because I was in first place. I've been doing track for three years now.…I [will] continue...

Milo VanAmburg (24) records a piece of music for an audition. Credit: M. VanAmburg.

Milo VanAmburg: Humans of Skyline!

Jonathan Chen February 14, 2024

"I play music…. I don't know how to describe [percussion]. You don’t play with your mouth or bow…. Percussion is an instrument. Not one instrument. It is a subclass of instruments…. [My] favorite...

Edwin Jackson (27) plays the piano in the choir room. Credit: W. Compton.

Edwin Jackson: Humans of Skyline!

Wilson Compton February 12, 2024

“I joined choir because I've been in choir my whole life…. I used to do choir in church and it’s a very spiritual thing for me…. I think that it’s really fun and that it’s a creative way...

Mrs. Murray conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra. Credit: I. Saucer-Zeoli.

Mrs. Murray: Humans of Skyline!

Ian Saucer-Zeoli February 9, 2024

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but then in high school, I really enjoyed orchestra and thought, ‘man, this would be fun to do every day!’ So I decided to go into music so that I could...

Troy banks (27) taking a a action photo for womens basketball media day. Credit: L. Horwedell.

Troy Banks: Humans of Skyline!

Amaya Dawson February 7, 2024

“This is me dribbling the basketball for an action photo for media day last week. I would consider basketball more of a hobby, not something I want to pursue when I'm older. I'm a power forward,...

Nemo Tsai (27) celebrating after a win. Credit: M. Klemm Plousha.

Nemo Tsai: Humans of Skyline!

Mia DeBenedet February 5, 2024

“I’m in San Diego California at Arrowwood Golf and Country Club. I was competing in the IMG Junior World Championships in the 13 and 14 age division. After three days of competition, I… made...

Emanuel Morrell-Weston (‘24) playing piano in the choir room. Credit: M. Feliks.

Emanuel Morrell-Weston: Humans of Skyline!

Max Feliks February 2, 2024

“Piano is not what I'm known for. I'm most known for my athletics…. I have a passion for it. I've been playing piano for 2 years…. [I learned] by teaching myself. I had a good ear and often listened...

Eshaan Tikekar (27) working on his online German class. Credit: R. Gattuso (27).

Eshaan Tikekar: Humans of Skyline!

Roman Gattuso January 31, 2024

“I’m taking German 2B [online] because Skyline doesn’t offer it as a class. Right now we’re learning about family, but we just were learning about travel and different buildings and cities and...

Amos Daniels (27) is definitely dislocating his arm after this throw! Credit: M. Short.

Amos Daniels: Humans of Skyline!

Julia Moe January 19, 2024

“I am playing fall baseball for Skyline. I am on the JV fall [base]ball team. My favorite position to play is short stop or pitching. Our first game is on Saturday, we have a double header….Baseball...

Is Mr. Brodie Brockie working hard or hardly working? Credit: G. Falcicchio-Wall.

Mr. Brodie Brockie: Humans of Skyline!

Gia Falcicchio-Wall January 15, 2024

“I am the office manager at Skyline High School. I have a wide variety of tasks, I think the predominant one is just responding to things that come to me so people who have questions or need help...

Jack Kidle (26) ready to play for Skyline baseball this spring. Credit: M.M. Flicks.

Jack Kidle: Humans of Skyline!

Blake Davidoff January 12, 2024

“I started playing baseball when I was 2, so I have been playing for 13 years. Practice is 3-4 times a week but I try to do a little bit every day.... I enjoy the environment [of Skyline baseball]...

Coach Hamilton helping the team through a rough spot in the game. Credit: M.M Flicks.

Coach Hamilton: Humans of Skyline!

Viviann Brabec January 10, 2024

“I like watching players develop not just in basketball but as young men…. [Going from JV to Varsity coach] feels exciting, it's a change where I'm like eager where at the same time I'm nervous….[I...

Simone Chin (‘24) starts her latest crocheting project! Credit: D. Verma.

Simone Chin: Humans of Skyline!

Divya Verma January 8, 2024

“I get a sense of relief, a sense of peacefulness [when crocheting]. I can relax, I don’t have to worry about other things. It’s kind of like tunnel vision, where you can just focus on something...

Jocelyn Wall (26) hitting against Plymouth at an away game. Credit: J. McNamara.

Jocelyn Wall: Humans of Skyline!

Olivia Watters January 3, 2024

“I play volleyball and have been playing for like 4 years. I play on the [Skyline] volleyball team. Last year was really good being on JV, and I think all the sophomores, who are now juniors, were...

Gordie Fifer (24) gets big air on his mountain bike. Credit S. Knight.

Gordie Fifer: Humans of Skyline!

Thomas Clarke January 1, 2024

"I go [mountain biking] around town, ride on local trails, I've gone on [bike] trips before, and I like it because it's fun and risky I guess…. Once I did a 'what's the odds' with Lucas Johal Smith...

Celia Lyon (25) shivering in the Alaskan seas. Credit: A. Lyon

Celia Lyon: Humans of Skyline!

Benji Davidoff December 27, 2023

“I was in the seas of the wild, wild wilderness of Alaska, on a cruise called Cunard Cruise. [There were] about 24 members of my family. This was one of the Gala Nights…. My cousin was taking photos...

Sylvie Bleckman (‘26) coxing on the far right with her men’s eight at states. Credit: D. Chiang.

Sylvie Bleckman: Humans of Skyline!

Hana Ghani December 25, 2023

“I absolutely love being a coxswain…I am basically the connection between the coach and the rowers and the boat, so I make sure everything is running smoothly… I steer the boat…I love the Skyline...

Mr. Oleksinski helps a group of students solve a complex limit problem. Credit: A. Repp.

Mr. Oleksinski: Humans of Skyline!

Amelia Repp December 22, 2023

“This is my 16th year at Skyline, I teach math….I like interacting with the students…it’s fun to see students learn, it’s fun to hear about their lives—you know, some students you meet...

Ella Ricci (‘24) practices scales for her All State audition. Credit: G. Yao.

Ella Ricci: Humans of Skyline!

Grace Yao December 20, 2023

“I started playing violin in fifth grade, which is later than most people….It’s a funny story because I actually wanted to play the trombone, but then I asked the band teacher what they thought...

Lucy Serlin (‘24) tapes an ankle, a skill she learned from shadowing Skyline’s trainers. Credit: R. Deyer.

Lucy Serlin: Humans of Skyline!

Rori Deyer December 18, 2023

“I started [shadowing the trainers] because I am interested in going into physical therapy and I think it’s a good experience to learn how they help students in different ways…. I love working...

Maya Goldstein (‘26) after finishing her 100 fly. Credit: J. Lee.

Maya Goldstein: Humans of Skyline!

Julianna Bailey December 15, 2023

“I’ve been swimming competitively since I was like 7…I didn't swim [for Skyline] this year but I did last year and I didn't really enjoy it….I chose not to do [high school swim] so I could...

Page Bazzani (27) serves the ball into play. Credit: m.m.flicks

Page Bazzani: Humans of Skyline!

Maeve Kilbride November 17, 2023

“Yes I do enjoy [volleyball]. I like the team work and everyone is so uplifting. My favorite thing is the friendships I have made with my team and the family I have made with the program. I want...

Sydney Sawyer (24) expressing team spirit during an impromptu intrasquad meet. Credit: J. Lee.

Sydney Sawyer: Humans of Skyline!

Lexie Rooks November 13, 2023

“The power went out at the pool we were supposed to have our first meet at this particular day. So instead of just, like, not doing anything that afternoon, my coach decided to do an intrasquad meet,...

Vanessa Roche (‘24) in her routine before her serve. Credit: S. Woo.

Vanessa Roche: Humans of Skyline!

Sari Woo November 12, 2023

“It was a very good match. I was playing the quarterfinals against the second seed in the [MHSAA State Tennis] tournament. I feel like I played well. I got out the first round [in last year’s state...

Kennedy Wassef (‘26) walks us through her hair routine. Credit: Lia Chung

Kennedy Wassef: Humans of Skyline!

Lia Chung November 6, 2023

“I personally never really liked it [my curls], until like 8th grade when I started caring. There was nothing I did [to take care of my hair] and it was just disgusting….First I use my shampoo [Kérastase]...

Vibhav (24) follows through on his shot with grace. Credit: V. Alokam

Vibhav Alokam: Humans of Skyline!

Alex Guo November 3, 2023

“I was at A-Ga-Ming golf resort near Torch Lake, Michigan. I was there for the Michigan Junior Amateur, the biggest junior tournament in the state of Michigan. I recently committed to Villanova University,...

Mariam Ismail: Humans of Skyline!

Mariam Ismail: Humans of Skyline!

Ashley Han June 9, 2023

“[I love] the [crew] team at Skyline, like the community in a way, ‘cus everyone’s very inviting and welcoming. Even though it’s a completely new sport to me, it’s become something I’m very...

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