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Skyline Seniors Face Increased Living Costs in Ann Arbor Heading in Graduation

Skyline Seniors Face Increased Living Costs in Ann Arbor Heading in Graduation

Kat Bauer, Journalist January 23, 2023

The time is finally here: Skyline’s senior class has to make the ever-important decisions on their plans after high school. Some have known their paths since Kindergarten, while others still have no...

“No Threat to Skyline’s Water Supply:” Gelman Plume Spreads, Raising Questions of Improper State Testing

“No Threat to Skyline’s Water Supply:” Gelman Plume Spreads, Raising Questions of Improper State Testing

Maja Smith, Journalism January 20, 2023

The Gelman Plume represents an ongoing environmental crisis in Michigan, more specifically Ann Arbor. This Plume is essentially the spread of 1-4 Dioxane, a highly toxic  and possibly cancer causing chemical...

National Organization of Womens club participating in a local rally after Roe vs Wade was overturned

I Object to The Objection of My Objection: What are the Limits of Free Speech in Public Schools?

Bella Simonte and Maja Smith January 20, 2023

Our parents used to tell us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But what constitutes if something is ‘nice?’ What if something that is nice to one person hurts...

Prop 3 Walkout At Skyline High School

Prop 3 Walkout At Skyline High School

Ezra Peiter, Journalist January 18, 2023

Skyline students gathered outside the student entrance at the beginning of second period in support of Proposal 3 on Monday, November 7th, just one day before it was to be voted on in a statewide election.  In...

Skyline CMPP seniors pose for their annual class

What are the CMPP Seniors up to this Trimester?

Maja Smith, Journalist January 10, 2023

Skyline High School offers magnet programs starting in 10th grade. According to Skylines Website, magnets are programs geared towards students' special interests and help them excel in the field they want...

Skyline High School is facing a lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center alleging viewpoint discrimination. Credit: Lucas Caswell (left), Dwight Burdette (right).

Judge Orders Rejected Announcement Be Aired in Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Ann Arbor Public Schools

Lucas Caswell and Michael Mychaliska November 10, 2022

On November 1, 2022, the Thomas More Law Center filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan against Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS), Skyline Principal Cory McElmeel, and...

Nurses office gender neutral bathroom!

GSRA Fights For Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Sara Zubieta and Anson Murray November 7, 2022

“Bathrooms are healthcare and we will fight for health care,” chanted GSRA secretary Nhoa Kim ('25) during September 27th’s weekly GSRA meeting. Skyline’s Gender, Sexuality, and Romantically...

Why Did the Skyline Parking Pass Increase?

Why Did the Skyline Parking Pass Increase?

Maya Loomis, News Section Editor October 30, 2022

For the first time since 2013, Skyline’s parking pass price has met the other high schools'. After a consistent 10-year streak of staying at $40 per pass, the lowest price within Ann Arbor Public Schools,...

The new grading policy means changes for teachers, including Mr. Bertsos (pictured above). Credit: Lucas Caswell.

No More Zeroes: Grade Policy Change for Mastery and Process

Liam B. McGlohon October 28, 2022

As of the 2022 school year, the Skyline Administration has changed the grading policy so that the lowest grade that teachers can give students is fifty percent of maximum points rather than a zero. This...

Asphalt is removed to access the leaking pipe. Credit: Joshua Mattison.

Skyline’s Geothermal Leak Was Non-Toxic, Still Mitigated Vigorously

Michael Mychaliska October 28, 2022

On Friday, September 2nd, Samantha (‘23) and Kate Chiang (‘24) brought their cousins, Kean Hui and Jed Hui, with them to play tennis on Skyline High School’s courts in the afternoon. They could never...

the Huron River remains contaminated by 10,000 gallons of wastewater containing hexavalent chromium. Credit: Maja Smith

“We did think that we might be dealing with, you know, a dead river”

Maja Smith October 28, 2022

 On Friday, July 29th, 2022  Daniel Brown, Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) watershed planner detailed how he “understood that 10,000 gallons of wastewater containing hexavalent chromium had been...

This 2009 colorized microscope image shows a sickle cell, left, and normal red blood cells of a patient with sickle cell anemia. Credit: Tribune News Service/Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia

Donate Blood in Memory of Skyline Student Grace Obungo-Clark!

Hasan Alsamerai October 24, 2022

In memory of Grace Obungu-Clark (‘24), Skyline is hosting a blood drive on Friday, October 28, 2022 in the Auxiliary Gym.  Why should you donate blood? For those with sickle cell disease, your donation...

Subdivisions with Racially Restrictive Covenants. Credit: Justice InDeed (2022)

Racial Covenants Found in Deeds to Ann Arbor Homes

Rohan Sharma and Ascher Sargent June 6, 2022

Since as early as 1912, racially restrictive covenants have been written into the deeds of many American homes. These covenants were designed to prohibit Black people from living in certain houses and...

The Skyline Staff persevered through one of the hardest years for educators ever. Credit: Meredith Giltner (edited by Alicia Dyer)

Thank You to Skyline Teachers: It’s Been a Rough Year

Bella Simonte June 5, 2022

Dear Skyline Faculty,  As our newspaper is primarily student-run, we focus more on the students’ perspective. Adjustments the school made during Covid-19 were primarily focused on student’s learning...

As masking in Ann Arbor Public Schools continues, controversies about the issue have been thrust into the forefront. Photograph by Zia Nizami/Bellville   News Democrat

AAPS Masking Policy Faces Controversy Yet Again

Lance Caswell May 17, 2022
Ann Arbor Public Schools’ universal mask policy was front and center as protestors disrupted a school board meeting at Forsythe Middle School on March 23rd.
New banner on the first floor, at the entrance of the A-Hallway. (Asher Hendricks

What’s Up With All of These New Signs and Banners in the Building?

Asher Hendricks May 17, 2022
Recently, Skyline administration made the decision to put up new signs, banners, and other decorative elements around Skyline High School.
Hayner puts forth his previously unpublished amendments to the displeasure of some of his colleagues. Credit: City of Ann Arbor – CTN

City of Ann Arbor Decides on $24.2 million ARPA Funding

Lucas Caswell May 17, 2022
“It wasn't easy and I don't think, in the end, everyone is going to be happy but, I hope most everyone will be satisfied,” Councilor Ali Ramlawi said about the decision of how to spend the funds. 

Despite Washtenaw County Decision, AAPS Mask Mandate Remains

Michael Mychaliska and Sammi Perkins May 10, 2022

Written and reported on February 11 The Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD) announced Friday, February 11th that it will lift its mask mandate on February 28th. It will also lift its isolation...

Are Skyline Students’ Settling in After Online School? Will They Get the Full High School Experience?

Are Skyline Students’ Settling in After Online School? Will They Get the Full High School Experience?

Since May, 2020, students all over the country have had to adapt to a new academic environment. Because of this, many students feel as though they’re being robbed of the normal high school experience.  The...

After a Week-Long Closure, the Future of Learning at Skyline Remains Uncertain

On January 14th, Skyline moved to remote, virtual learning due to a dramatic rise in Covid-19 case numbers. This rise resulted in elevated student absences and staff shortages, necessitating the week-long...

Kenichi Lobbezoo (left) and Elijiah Kaufman (right) won the Michigan Debate

Skyline Pair Takes First at Debate States Tournament

Catherine van Lent May 10, 2022

On December 11th, Seniors Elijah Kaufman and Kenichi Lobbezoo of Skyline High School finished first in the Michigan Debate State Finals for Varsity Public Forum, for the first time in Skyline history....

District Dress Code Sparks Controversy Among Skyline Student Body

Elsa Weber April 27, 2022

The dress code has long been a point of tension among students at Skyline High School. Changing norms of fashion and a year spent at home has altered how people dress themselves. Student fashion choices...

“This has never happened before” AAPS Cancels School Due to Staff Shortages

Freya Israelsen and Karar Al-Shafey April 27, 2022

“Excess staff absences and unfilled positions are leading to staff shortages,” says Casey Elmore, Principal of Diversity/Integrity SLCs. There were four days canceled due to Covid-19 and staff shortages...

Supply Chain Shortages Rages On, Leaving School Lunches Limited

Andrew Dunfee and Collin Michele April 27, 2022

The future remains uncertain for many people within the U.S. due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a new problem has arisen amidst the plethora of Covid-19 related problems: school lunches. With how impactful...

Groups of students exit their bus and walk towards Skyline

Staffing Shortage Impacts AAPS Busing Services, Students & Families Feeling the Pressure

Samantha Towers and Samuel Klein April 27, 2022

As of Monday, January 31st there were 14 bus route suspensions all around Ann Arbor, Michigan. These suspensions, set to end Friday, February 11th, will negatively impact many families and students. “Illness...

With Final Exams Fast Approaching, What Will They Look Like?

Grace Lee, Senior Editor April 1, 2022

As the end of the trimester approaches, so do final exams. With it being the first year back to school in-person after almost two years online, many students old and new are left wondering what the format...

Anne Bezeau, Head of SAS and Skyline Teacher, Prepares for Homecoming. Photo Credit: Grace Lee

Homecoming: “No worries, it will still be fun”

Grace Lee, Editor in Chief October 8, 2021

Homecoming: a quintessential high school experience for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors alike. With the first Homecoming in two years coming up on October 9, the student body has been...

Burdette , Dwight. Skyline High School Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor, 8 May 2010.

The Truth Behind the Skyline Parking Pass

Samuel Klein, Journalist October 6, 2021

Forty dollars. The price of 20 packages of Mariani Premium Yogurt Covered Raisins from Walmart, or one vial of insulin from Canada. When not spending money on life saving medication, or nutritious, life...

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