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The Skyline Post

Soar into Skyline Takes Flight

Kathryn Plotner June 7, 2023

On Thursday, May 4th, Skyline welcomed three hundred of its incoming freshmen to Soar into Skyline, a tradition meant to acclimate them to their new school. Sixty student guides led them on tours around...

All departments are given a portion of the general fund supply budget based somewhat on the size of the team and type of department. Credit: Ashley Han

Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go? A Breakdown of The Skyline Budget 

Ashley Han June 7, 2023

What pays for the pizza in the cafeteria, the furniture lining the classrooms, and our Chromebooks? Must come from somewhere, right? And why is everyone fundraising all the time? The school budget is an...

Eating areas. Green is explicitly allowed, red is explicitly forbidden. Photo Credit: Kathryn Plotner

Hallway Closures: Administration Wants a More Supervised Lunch 

Kathryn Plotner and Mara Farmer June 7, 2023

Before, students ate anywhere on the second floor. A group sits near the black box theater, somebody reads curled by the office. Now, those areas are empty. What changed? At the start of third trimester,...

Are Firm Deadlines Necessary? The Skyline Community Weighs In

Cecelia Brush June 7, 2023

Changes in school structure during the pandemic have sparked another variation of Skyline’s ongoing conversation about how to best support all learners. Do students learn better working at their...

A look at how our grades will be structured. Credit: Skyline Administration

Zero Will Be the New 50%: Skyline to Change Grading System this Fall

The Skyline Editorial Board June 7, 2023

  NEWS STORY By Natalia Murrell Starting next school year, we can expect Skyline High School’s grading system to look a lot different from this year. Starting in August, our grades...

Mens Varsity Quad Captures the Bronze for Skyline at Nationals (credit: Skyline Crew)

Spring Sports Wrap Up

Crew: Henry Strait The crew team started a great season at their first couple of regattas, sweeping their opponents. At States, the girl's team repeated as state champions, and the boy's team got second. Competing...

Skyline Students Appreciate Their Teachers

Skyline Students Appreciate Their Teachers

Evi Edlund and Lance Caswell June 5, 2023

 For teacher appreciation week here at Skyline, The Post asked students to “Name a teacher who impacted you in a positive way and what they did.” Here are a few responses:   “When...

Lake Michigan lookout Credit: Josie Miller

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun?

Josie Miller and Olivia Haft June 5, 2023

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun? Summer is the time to relax and finally get a long break after a stressful school year, but do you ever find yourself bored  or not prepared for next...

A view inside Dawn Treader Book Shop. Credit: Ashley Han

Books and Beaches: Your Guide to All Things Summer Reading!

Ashley Han June 5, 2023

With summer steadily approaching and the days ahead being booked for relaxing beach days, books might be the last thing occupying your mind. But whether you find yourself in the Maldives or Michigan, picnicking...

Image for Bangs 18+ Label

Bang Energy Discontinued in AAPS cafeterias

Tori Williamson-Cardneau May 30, 2023

Bang, an energy drink created in 2012, was discontinued late winter at AAPS High Schools due to student complaints about the age rating and nutrition-related information, as printed on the can.    According...

How Will Skyline Pull Off The Glamorous Met Gala?

How Will Skyline Pull Off The Glamorous Met Gala?

Phoebe Spadafore and Sarina Thomas May 18, 2023

Each year, Skyline High School presents a different theme for prom, reflected in the decor and the attire of students attending. Seniors individually vote on their favorite themes, and then the school...

Award winning news team includes Editor Maja Smith (23), writer Michael Mychaliska (23), Editor-at-Large Bella Simonte (23), writers Nate Werns (24), Lucas Caswell (24), and Ryan Rzeszut (23), and Will Pace (24). Not pictured: Founding Editor Grace Lee, Editor Sammi Perkins (22), Maya Loommis (23), Editor Graham Unsworth (23).

Members of the Skyline Post win in the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association Individuals Category Contest

Kathryn Plotner April 30, 2023

Skyline Post writers won state-level awards for five articles in the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) Individuals Category Contest on April 25. Winners are published in its magazine A...

Catherine van Lent (‘25) (left) writes an argument with Kathryn Plotner (‘25) (middle) and Ethan Schultz (‘26) (right)

Photo Credit: Parr Center for Ethics
Permission from Parr Center on 4/12/23 at 4:37pm

Skyline Ethics Bowl Team Wins National Championship: Fledgling Team Certain to Be a Force in Coming Years 

Elizabeth Beck, Journalist April 27, 2023

On April 2nd, the Skyline Ethics Bowl team won the National High School Ethics Bowl Competition in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, besting a New York City private school who had every advantage in the final.  Out...

GLSEN network protests anti trans bills

Skyline GSRA Participates in Annual Day of Silence

Bella Simonte and Maja Smith April 23, 2023

On Friday, April 14th, Skyline GSRA (gender, sexuality, and romanticality alliance) participated in a Day of Silence where GSRA members refrained from speaking all day. This is a nationwide event held...

Therapy Dog Coming to Skyline Soon

Therapy Dog Coming to Skyline Soon

Angel Bowden, Journalist March 22, 2023

Did you know that there is a therapy dog named Mocha coming to the Skyline soon? Mocha, Skyline’s therapy dog, is going to help Skyline students that have been struggling in the past (2019-2023) with...

AI writing an article about ChatGPT and its use in high school.

AI Writing Bots and what they mean for schools

Minjoon Kim, Bella Simonte, and Thea Yocum March 22, 2023

In a generation of widespread technology and unmotivated students, a new beast has arisen: ChatGPT, a website that creates answers or essays in seconds with just a prompted topic or research question....

Climate Change, Who Cares? The Students of Skyline Do!

Climate Change, Who Cares? The Students of Skyline Do!

Evan Cohen, Journalist February 25, 2023

Climate change is on the minds of many students at Skyline and oftentimes, it can make students feel hopeless. However, many students are working hard to go above and beyond to make concrete changes. Carbon...

Why Do We Suddenly Have To Pay For School Lunch?  Inside The School Cafeteria

Why Do We Suddenly Have To Pay For School Lunch? Inside The School Cafeteria

Angel Bowden, Journalism February 11, 2023

Did you know on August 26th there was an email sent out saying we have to pay for breakfast and lunches? You might be wondering why. The government is making us pay for lunches this year because COVID...

A player shoots during the Junior versus Senior basketball game during the winter fest pep rally. Credit: Lucas Caswell.

WinterFest Canceled, Potential for Reschedule

Lucas Caswell February 10, 2023

For the first time in years, Skyline’s WinterFest Dance was set to take place on Saturday, January 28th at 7:00 p.m. Because of a combination of mid-week snow days and projected winter storms, the dance...

Skyline Seniors Face Increased Living Costs in Ann Arbor Heading in Graduation

Skyline Seniors Face Increased Living Costs in Ann Arbor Heading in Graduation

Kat Bauer, Journalist January 23, 2023

The time is finally here: Skyline’s senior class has to make the ever-important decisions on their plans after high school. Some have known their paths since Kindergarten, while others still have no...

“No Threat to Skyline’s Water Supply:” Gelman Plume Spreads, Raising Questions of Improper State Testing

“No Threat to Skyline’s Water Supply:” Gelman Plume Spreads, Raising Questions of Improper State Testing

Maja Smith, Journalism January 20, 2023

The Gelman Plume represents an ongoing environmental crisis in Michigan, more specifically Ann Arbor. This Plume is essentially the spread of 1-4 Dioxane, a highly toxic  and possibly cancer causing chemical...

National Organization of Womens club standing with U.S representative Debbie Dingell participating in a local rally after Roe vs Wade was overturned

I Object to The Objection of My Objection: What are the Limits of Free Speech in Public Schools?

Bella Simonte and Maja Smith January 20, 2023

Our parents used to tell us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But what constitutes if something is ‘nice?’ What if something that is nice to one person hurts...

Prop 3 Walkout At Skyline High School

Prop 3 Walkout At Skyline High School

Ezra Peiter, Journalist January 18, 2023

Skyline students gathered outside the student entrance at the beginning of second period in support of Proposal 3 on Monday, November 7th, just one day before it was to be voted on in a statewide election.  In...

Skyline CMPP seniors pose for their annual class

What are the CMPP Seniors up to this Trimester?

Maja Smith, Journalist January 10, 2023

Skyline High School offers magnet programs starting in 10th grade. According to Skylines Website, magnets are programs geared towards students' special interests and help them excel in the field they want...

Skyline High School is facing a lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Law Center alleging viewpoint discrimination. Credit: Lucas Caswell (left), Dwight Burdette (right).

Judge Orders Rejected Announcement Be Aired in Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Ann Arbor Public Schools

Lucas Caswell and Michael Mychaliska November 10, 2022

On November 1, 2022, the Thomas More Law Center filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan against Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS), Skyline Principal Cory McElmeel, and...

Nurses office gender neutral bathroom!

GSRA Fights For Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Sara Zubieta and Anson Murray November 7, 2022

“Bathrooms are healthcare and we will fight for health care,” chanted GSRA secretary Nhoa Kim ('25) during September 27th’s weekly GSRA meeting. Skyline’s Gender, Sexuality, and Romantically...

Why Did the Skyline Parking Pass Increase?

Why Did the Skyline Parking Pass Increase?

Maya Loomis, News Section Editor October 30, 2022

For the first time since 2013, Skyline’s parking pass price has met the other high schools'. After a consistent 10-year streak of staying at $40 per pass, the lowest price within Ann Arbor Public Schools,...

The new grading policy means changes for teachers, including Mr. Bertsos (pictured above). Credit: Lucas Caswell.

No More Zeroes: Grade Policy Change for Mastery and Process

Liam B. McGlohon October 28, 2022

As of the 2022 school year, the Skyline Administration has changed the grading policy so that the lowest grade that teachers can give students is fifty percent of maximum points rather than a zero. This...

Asphalt is removed to access the leaking pipe. Credit: Joshua Mattison.

Skyline’s Geothermal Leak Was Non-Toxic, Still Mitigated Vigorously

Michael Mychaliska October 28, 2022

On Friday, September 2nd, Samantha (‘23) and Kate Chiang (‘24) brought their cousins, Kean Hui and Jed Hui, with them to play tennis on Skyline High School’s courts in the afternoon. They could never...

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