AAY Humans Of Skyline!


Grace Lee, Journalist

“AAY started as an idea when I was sophomore during online school. With Covid-19 we saw a rise in Asian/Asian American hate and I realized Skyline didn’t have an outlet where I could talk with others about it. With the work and support done by BSU and LatinX I thought it would be great to have a space for Asian Americans to also share, learn and teach more about our wide variety of cultures. Now we have¬†weekly meetings on Tuesday in A408 after school where we explore different cultures through games, food, media, and more! I was honestly nervous when the club first started, thinking that it wouldn’t have any interest, but looking back I’m proud at how much we have grown. I love our inclusiveness to not just those of Asian heritage but to anyone who wants to come and be a part of the club.”- Grace Lee