Ms. Walker Humans Of Skyline!


Mary Walker proudly displays her card deck, called Toka-deck, that she designed herself.

“So, I have four children, and the third oldest has dyslexia and dyscalculia, which is the math form of [dyslexia]. So when she was getting tutored for dyslexia by a friend of mine, she was doing really well and progressed, like, two or three grade levels within a very short period of time…There was a very specific approach towards teaching reading and I was looking for a very specific approach to teach her math, and I wasn’t finding anything. Because there are a lot of worksheets out there, but she’s also very competitive, but s…it’s hard to keep her attention. So, I was looking for a game that was sequential that could be used for someone who struggles with math, and that teaches everything that they need to know to a neurodivergent brain. And I couldn’t find it, so we made it.” -Ms. Walker