Player Spotlight: Ish Abdulaziz 2021, Junior class of 2023


Ish Abdulaziz: one of the best football players at Skyline, maybe even in Michigan. Abdulaziz plays running back for Skyline varsity football team,  and is best known for, according to X, his “speed’’ and “ability to play both sides of the ball.’’ He is also known as a team player.

A junior now, Abdulaziz is looking to play football in college. Many at Skyline believe he is more than capable.Ish has the talent to go places in football; if he works hard senior year, anything is possible.

How will you be ready for next year? 

Abdulaziz: “Next year it will be big, especially because I’m going to be a senior. And my parents are telling me how serious it is, and with school ya know I gotta have a high GPA for college.’’

How will the football team be better after a disappointing season?  How do players need to get better?

Abdulaziz: “During the offseason, keep working. There were a lot of injuries this year. You have people doing therapy and getting faster, stronger, and conditioned.What is your favorite part about football season? 

Abdulaziz: “My favorite part about high school football is that it’s high school football. Once you get to college you gotta take everything serious.’’ 

Who’s the funniest on the team?

Abdulaziz: “Me or Aaron.’’

How do you recover from an injury like you had (LisFranc-foot injury)? 

Abdulaziz: “I’ve been doing therapy and going to trainers. It’s really a struggle because my foot is so weak but I’m working through it.’’

What was your max time in the 40 yard dash)? 

Abdulaziz: “When I went to a camp, they said it was a 4.5 but i think it’s more of a 4.3 or 4.4.’’

What do you do to get prepared for college football?

Abdulaziz: “I have to train during the off-season working on my speed, my strength… I also I have to focus on school and keep my grades up so I’m eligible for a good university.’’

What is something you like to do in your free time when not playing football?Abdulaziz: “ I like to hang out with my friends, like going out to eat and chilling at their house playing videos games and spending time with family.’’