You’re lucky if you get to watch Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive is a mystery/thriller film based on the 2015 novel. Released on Netflix, it quickly was a fan favorite:s 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and 79% of Google users liked it. 

Luckiest Girl Alive is about a young woman named Ani FaNelli and her life after a horrible school shooting she survived in high school. Throughout the movie there are flashbacks to Ani’s days in school and the experiences she went through. After the tragedy, Ani decided to put that part of her life behind her and in a sense, pretend it didn’t happen. She doesn’t talk about it and tries not to think about it, but her thoughts are consuming her. When an interviewer approaches Ani at work and offers her a proposal, she has to think long and hard about what to do. Should she send him away and tell him she isn’t interested or accept his offer and finally tell her side of the story? I guess you will have to watch the movie to find out. 

An aspect of the movie that I really enjoy is the flashbacks to Ani’s days at Bradley School, the prestigious and private school she attended when the shooting took place. The flashbacks allow the audience to slowly watch the story unfold and connect the dots, instead of just being told from the beginning. 

I also find the main character Ani FaNelli, played by Mila Kunis to be incredibly refreshing. She’s real and she says what she thinks, not out loud but in her head. Throughout the movie the audience is able to hear her inner dialogue and it’s both honest and amusing. Ani has faced a lot of hate and slander throughout her teenage days, often being called hurtful names and being stereotyped because of her looks. She challenges these ideas and forces her peers to reconsider their view on her. 

The film does cover some intense and triggering topics, including rape, sexual material, and violent content. It is definitely intended for an older and more mature audience as it is rated R. While it does cover these intense topics, Luckiest Girl Alive is a very well designed movie and one that you should watch!