Is She Human? Is She An Animal? No, She’s Wednesday Addams: Review Of Netflix’s Top Grossing TV Show


“Her name comes from a line from my favorite nursery rhyme, Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe.” – Morticia Addams. This is just one of many quotes that describe this show’s witty and dark humor. Wednesday is a mystery, comedy, horror film that is streaming on Netflix. Soon after being released, on November 23, 2022,Wednesday became the number one show on Netflix. 

Wednesday is based on The Addams Family. It is about a teenage girl, Wednesday Addams, who is unlike other teenagers. Wednesday’s parents decide to send her to a boarding School called Nevermore Academy for children that don’t fit in. At Nevermore, Wednesday is faced with love triangles and friend crises while she tries to save the school from a string of murders traced to a rampant beast hiding in the woods behind the school. Will Wednesday save or destroy Nevermore Academy?

Wednesday’s gripping plot and mysterious twists will engage watchers and leave them on the edge of their seats. The relationships between characters are relatable and very real. The acting and character development is great. For example, the monster feels real and terrifying due to the CGI and terrific acting. 

I particularly enjoyed watching Jenna Ortega, who plays the show’s main character, Wednesday Adams. Ortega did a fantastic job in capturing the raw and witty personality of Wednesday. She speaks what she thinks and is very strong and determined. Ortega is Latina, which is the first time that the character Wednesday has been played by a Latina woman. Wednesday Addams’ brother and father were also portrayed by LatinX actors. This has been very important to the LatinX community. “I think it’s pretty special for me,” Said Ortega in an interview with Mitú, “ just because growing up, I didn’t really have a lot of representation on screen.” 

If the Addams  Family  Franchise was enjoyable, I think this film would also be. The boarding school and magic aspect also reminded me of Harry Potter. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you should definitely watch Wednesday. Overall, I would strongly recommend watching this show, with its exciting twists.