Tyler, the Creator’s CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST A Little Bit of Something for Everyone

When Tyler, the Creator released his seventh album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST in June of 2021, it was apparent that he had everything he could ever ask for as an aspiring artist: a recent Grammy win, increasing fame, and a surplus of money. 

Tyler’s success over time remains a consistent theme throughout the album, not only heard through the grandiose instrumentals but also through Tyler bragging about, “Cookie crumbs in the Rolls, jet-fuel-scented vest / Swim trunks in the trunk, Geneva water the best / The passport lookin’ thick, the afro need a pick”. Tyler has absolutely no shame in talking about his lavish lifestyle that consists of expensive cars and constantly traveling around the world by jet planes – something most people don’t get to spend their time doing. 

Throughout the album, Tyler becomes increasingly vulnerable to his audience, talking more than just about his wealth. Although he does start “CORSO” by bragging once again about his multiple Rolls Royce cars, he begins to dive deeper into his feelings about his failed love life and how he copes. In the third verse of the song, Tyler raps, “‘Bout to spend millions just to fill voids up […] Remembered I was rich, so I bought me some new emotions / And a new boat ‘cause I’d rather cry in the ocean,” explaining how his extreme materialism is an attempt to cope with his sadness. 

Initially released as a teaser to the album drop, “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE”  is a two-part song, which is something that Tyler has added on every 10th track of every album. “SWEET” portrays the peak of his love for the woman he continues to speak about, putting the focus back on his relationship struggles. 

The song transitions into “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” and Tyler learns that the woman of his interest chose to stay with her partner. Although Tyler desperately wants to be with the woman, he understands that she cannot immediately leave her current partner for him, “I want you so bad, but not too fast / It’s not your fault, we can’t pretend / Because we both in the wrong.” This newfound heartbreak causes Tyler to second guess whether he wants the relationship or not. 

“WILSHIRE,” the second-longest track on the album, tells the story of the failed relationship in great detail. Throughout the entire track, the theme of traveling is kept up as Tyler refers to multiple foreign locations.  But during this, he explains the way he and the woman met up, her questionable behavior while spending time with him, their fallout, and the inevitable sadness Tyler faced after it all.

Not very many artists can capture the exuberant flair that Tyler, the Creator can. Although he started out as a controversial and underground artist with a small fan base, Tyler has made his way up the ladder of stardom with time, persistence, and the ability to stay true to himself despite the pressures of the media. 

Throughout the album, listeners are presented with sounds ranging from opulent and calming to grimy and chaotic. Overall, the production fits the versatility of the storyline, and the many features including Lil Uzi, NBA YoungBoy, Lil Wayne, and Teezo Touchdown gives a wide variety of distinguished styles worth listening to. 

CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST as a whole is diverse, emotional, and creative, with a little bit of something for everyone. 

I was lucky enough to see Tyler, the Creator as well as Vince Staples, Kali Uchis, and Teezo Touchdown live on February 28th at the Little Caesar’s Arena for the CMIYGL tour. Overall the performances were phenomenal. I was excited to see the other artists as they all feature on the album. 

Not only did Tyler play his newest songs, but he played many throwbacks all the way from 2011. Tyler’s stage presence and use of props definitely raised the energy.  He entered the stage in his own Rolls Royce and went in between the two stages on a boat! 

I will probably go to Tyler’s concerts until the day I can no longer stand.