SOS: Drop Everything Now!


Adira Maze

Skyline Students Pose in SOS formation- left to right: Nico DeYoung (’26), Ryder Victory (’26), Jude Carlson (’26), Joci Wall (’26)

“I can’t lose when I’m with you. How can I snooze and miss the moment?” – Snooze (from SZA’s new album SOS)

Get with the times and tune in to SZA’s new pop album, SOS which has been topping the charts for weeks since its release on December 9, 2022.  SOS has made its mark as the second Black female artist’s album to top billboards for two consecutive weeks, after Beyonce’s albums. 

Solana Imani Rowe (SZA) has been a fan favorite for years. “She makes music in her own way, and it’s really cool,” says fan Heather Shriberg (26). SZA has for a while been praised for putting a beautiful twist on issues society tends to struggle with, like opening up and sharing about her own mental health issues.

The drop of her new album was highly anticipated and had people tuned in for hours in preparation. “I just got hooked, and I kept listening to it,” sighs Joci Wall (26). Her songs flow from one to the other seamlessly, and her voice is amazingly rich with an astounding range.  “Her music leaves a sense of satisfaction on those who listen to her,” says Jude Carlson (26). 

One of the songs we loved most off the album was track 8: snooze. Snooze reminded us of summer, with its carefree, catchy lyrics and overall wonderful vibe; it’s the kind of song that makes you sway along without a care in the world.  

In addition, Kill Bill, second on the album, has an extremely catchy tune and very witty and slightly dark lyrics, while Love Language, which comes later, is a very sweet listen. This variation in lyrics and melody makes the album exciting, offering something for everyone.

       The whole album just screams teenage beauty and emotion; SZA will take you through a roller coaster of feelings ranging from heartbreak to floating on cloud nine. If you are a teenager (or anyone) who has enjoyed hip hop and R&B music in the past or likes artists such as Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill, or Tame Impala, this album is a must-listen!