Graduation Gifts: What Do High School Graduates Want?


As the school year is coming to an end and graduating seniors are packing their bags to move out, everyone is thinking of what to get seniors as a graduation gift. 

Senior Ben Bower said he wants his gifts to “signify that he is becoming an adult, like money for rent, a car, and/or room decor for dorms or apartments.” 

Other seniors said they want money. I mean, you can’t go wrong with some cash, right? 

You can never go wrong with cash. Credit: Openverse

Others are more ambitious; Raven Marin said they want and end to workplace discrimination.

Here’s a list of some practical ideas:

For the graduate starting a full-time job: Cash/gift cards, wallet, business cards/holder, notebook/planner, calendar, ID badge clip, laptop case

For the graduate looking to set up their dorm room: Desk

organizers, stationery, bed lift, noise canceling headphones, laptop, lanyard, college merch, cash/gift cards, tablet, notebook, Tv/monitor, keyboard and mouse

For the graduate traveling the world: Airpods/headphones, portable charger, guide books, security backpack, travel journal, cash/gift cards, high-quality water bottle, hiking/water shoes

For the graduate taking a year to figure things out: Cash/gift cards, planners, organizers, business cards, laptop

And of course, anyone leaving high school will appreciate love, support, and cheers.