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Why Arent Cooking Classes Located in Skyline

Why Aren’t Cooking Classes Located in Skyline

Sophia Prehn June 9, 2023

As a freshman at Skyline, my first feeling was that this school seemed big enough to cater to all of our ideas and creations. When I got the paper to choose my 10th grade classes and cooking wasn't there...

Two fourth floor bathrooms await visitors Credit: Cecelia Brush

The Unspoken Rules of Skyline’s Bathrooms: Tips For Incoming Students

Cecelia Brush June 7, 2023

We’ve all had experiences with the Skyline bathrooms: long lines, a toilet that doesn’t flush, or, on the flip side, one that won’t stop flushing. The Skyline Post asked students and staff for their...

Willow Hayner (23’) showing off their outfit. Credit: Caroline Theiss

Skyline Students Jump Into Spring With an Excitement for Fashion

Caroline Theiss June 7, 2023

The sun is finally shining down on Skyline students, spring has sprung! There are lots of questions burning in the backs of Skyline student’s minds, most importantly: what do I wear?! The Vogue 2023...

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

Jaeden Klassen June 7, 2023

There is always a point in one’s education when they wish they could get more help with their work, whether it be an essay, some math problems, studying for an exam, or otherwise. I’ve never been great...

Lake Michigan lookout Credit: Josie Miller

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun?

Josie Miller and Olivia Haft June 5, 2023

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun? Summer is the time to relax and finally get a long break after a stressful school year, but do you ever find yourself bored  or not prepared for next...

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

Ferris Ingram and Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 5, 2023

Ferris: My family is Ashkenazi/Mizrahi Jewish. Most of us are very involved in the culture.  The food we eat is very important for us to have when we’re together. I grew up eating pierogies, cholent,...

Pizza In Class - Usable under creative commons

Why Can’t Students Order Takeout In Class?

Josie Miller June 5, 2023

Did you know students are not allowed to order food to be delivered to Skyline? Or that this policy has been in place for years?  Although it was mentioned in the Fall 2022-2023 student handbook, there...

A view inside Dawn Treader Book Shop. Credit: Ashley Han

Books and Beaches: Your Guide to All Things Summer Reading!

Ashley Han June 5, 2023

With summer steadily approaching and the days ahead being booked for relaxing beach days, books might be the last thing occupying your mind. But whether you find yourself in the Maldives or Michigan, picnicking...

Example of personal style Credit: Diego Hurtado

Personal Style and Branding: Can They Influence Your Mood?

Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 1, 2023

As someone who likes to dress nicely and pays attention to what I wear, I run through many little problems throughout my day: “Do I look good?”  “Are people staring at me?”  “Should...

Overdue Assignments

How To Get Through/Prevent Mid-Winter Slump?

Olivia Haft May 12, 2023

Now that winter is over, do you ever feel like it was the hardest time of the year for you? After speaking with teachers and students, The Skyline Post found reasons why this time can be difficult and...

Credit: Ferris Ingram

How Missing Too Much School Affects Students

Ferris Ingram May 12, 2023

"Hours matter, days matter," counselor Charissa Bass shares. Why does missing school matter for you?  Teachers interviewed by The Skyline Post have noticed that students who frequently miss school...

This is the Skyline Library

A Newcomer’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Skyline Library

Jaeden Klassen, Journalist May 4, 2023

Walking into a new building, especially one as unique as Skyline, can be scary. As a student who transferred for the start of my Junior year, I know first-hand just how intimidating this experience can...

Ellie and Joel from the video game The Last of Us as seen in poster art of the game. Their counterparts in the HBOMax show are played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

HBO’s The Last of Us: Designed for the Average Viewer but an Absolute Pleasure for Fans of the Game

Evan Cohen March 22, 2023

“Mankind has been at war with the virus from the start. Sometimes, millions of people die. ... But in the end, we always win. [However] there are some fungi who seek not to kill… but  to control....

Course by Course: A Non-Spoiler Review of The Menu

Course by Course: A Non-Spoiler Review of The Menu

Gabriel Hill, Journalist March 22, 2023

The Menu is a darkly comedic satire that magically merges the worlds of food and film. Although the film focuses on the food industry, the lessons found there are relevant to everyone, regardless of their...

The products on the left represent a dupe, while the products on the right represent the name brand.

“It’s really cool to see people our age doing this trend:” What Skyline Students Have To Say About Tik Tok “Dupes”

Elena Mychaliska, Journalist March 22, 2023

A new trend on Tik Tok has risen in popularity: dupes. On the app, teenagers and influencers go into stores and playfully record the affordable alternatives they find to current trends.  Popular ‘dupes’...

Four Recipes for the Transition Into Spring

Four Recipes for the Transition Into Spring

Zoe Sangsland and Tori Williamson-Cardneau March 2, 2023

As the winter season draws to a close, and the rainy season is beginning to move in, food and drink are both great ways to reset your mood for spring. Here are four basic recipes, including lighter flavors...

The symbol for the Writing Center

The Skyline Writing Center and All the Great Resources it has to Offer!

Charlotte Perry and Anson Murray December 21, 2022

The Skyline Writing Center (Room B429) has a lot of resources; whether it's with essays or basic assignments, the tutors at Skyline Writing Center are here to help. Tutors are available to support students...

Steven Stone.

Getting To Know Our Community Assistants

Myree Pratt and Laila Nelson June 12, 2022

Our first thought when coming into this school about the Community Assistants (CAs) was that they were here to protect and monitor us outside of the classroom. After years of spending time with them, we’ve...

Graduation Gifts: What Do High School Graduates Want?

Graduation Gifts: What Do High School Graduates Want?

Mia Yaeger June 5, 2022

As the school year is coming to an end and graduating seniors are packing their bags to move out, everyone is thinking of what to get seniors as a graduation gift.  Senior Ben Bower said he wants his...

Getting to The Bottom of School Lunch

Sanjay Rao and Danielle Okeke May 26, 2022

Throughout the media, school lunch food is often depicted as grueling, tasteless food. Nowadays in Ann Arbor public schools, lunches are regarded with a very negative connotation. We asked a few seniors...

Machine operator Ayu Feje works on a machine that packs bulk clothing into bails at the Goodwill Outlet in Brooklyn Park, Minn., on April 23, 2015. (Jim Gehrz/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS)

The Cost of Our Closets: Fast Fashion at Skyline

Alicia Dyer and Amita Nathan May 25, 2022

Thirty pairs of Nikes — all found in a span of twenty minutes while in the Skyline library. With so much of one brand in one place, Nike seems to be popular among the Skyline student body. Trends like...

The Effort Behind Fashion

Maddy Aldrich and Mia Yaeger May 24, 2022
Every day fashion goes in and out of doors, literally. At Skyline High School, the freedom to make fashion choices allows students to represent who they are and what they stand for.
Opinion: Students and Teachers Alike Dealing With Stress

Opinion: Students and Teachers Alike Dealing With Stress

Alexis Wheeler May 17, 2022

“Some of the teachers add a lot of work and then don’t give a lot of time and it makes school stressful,” says 10th grader Hannah Vig. School can affect students’ mental health. A lot of the...

Student getting back into the swing of in person school studying in the Skyline library

How Counselors Suggest Handling Online School

Emily Krese and Dalen Patterson May 10, 2022

“Take a breath”: Skyline counselors give their input on virtual school Students have struggled to face the realities of online school since the rise of Covid. Skyline has had to close down school...

Teacher Feature

Laila Nelson May 10, 2022

One of Mr. Thomas’s hidden talents is that he is a good cook. Mr. Thomas spends his summers coaching swimming, traveling, and dreams of someday getting an RV and traveling the whole country. For Thomas,...

All the Sweet Secrets Behind This Holiday Treat

All the Sweet Secrets Behind This Holiday Treat

Laleh Walker April 27, 2022

While the holidays have past, some classic treats still remain tasty all year long! Now introducing gingerbread houses! When you think about it I’m not really introducing this treat because everyone...

Digging Into the Sneaker Culture at Skyline

Waleska Castaneda-Martinez April 27, 2022

“Getting my Jordan 11 ‘Gym red’ was probably the hardest to get,” said Junior Jayden Potts. “So I had to wait at a Footlocker an hour away. I arrived at 5 am…they opened the store at 10 am.” “Sneakerheads”...

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