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Canoes and kayaks at Gallup Park. Credit: Lillian Hescheles.

Welcoming Spring: Explore the Local Delights of the New Season

Lillian Hescheles May 20, 2024

  Washtenaw Dairy: 602 S Ashley St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Average Cost: $5.00 Hours: 5am to 9pm Acclaimed for its low prices and large portions, Washtenaw Dairy is a familiar favorite...

Lily Hescheles (24) and Robin Sickman-Garner (24) for spring fashion. Credit: Isabella Somers

Spring Fashion Has Sprung at Skyline

Isabella Somers May 18, 2024

“As soon as the daily high hits 65, it’s shorts and t-shirts for me,” says Ezra Min (‘24). As the final snowy, cold, and miserable days of Michigan weather come to an end, spring fashion at Skyline...

“Symbiosis of the Red Bellied Woodpecker and the Eastern Bluebird  by Jacob Dwyer. Credit: Lucy Naar.

Ann Arbor Murals

Lucy Naar May 18, 2024

Ann Arbor has what is considered a thriving art scene, with its dedication to public art both big and small. Ann Arbor celebrates and values public art. It's full of world class events that celebrate the...

Pavlova ready to be served! Credit: Rori Deyer.

The Best Spring Dessert – Pavlova

Rori Deyer May 17, 2024

Serves six. Prep: 30 minutes. Baking: 4 hours Pavlova is a light, airy, and balanced dessert perfect for spring.  It is created with a meringue base, filled with whipped cream, and topped with fruit.  Ingredients: ...

The various colorful pastries ready to order at Cannelle. Credit: M. Mocanu.

Food in Ann Arbor: Breakfast

Mara Mocanu March 20, 2024

If you struggle to find places to have a solid breakfast in Ann Arbor, then today is your lucky day. Next time you are craving a good breakfast, here are three options to help you decide whether they are...

From Classroom to Car: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Your Drivers License in Michigan

From Classroom to Car: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Your Driver’s License in Michigan

Ellie Min March 19, 2024

When it comes to high school, almost every student will face the daunting additional task of learning how to drive. Requiring time, practice, and commitment, the end of this lengthy process can sometimes...

Skyline students crossing through the commons. Credit: M. Mocanu.

Do Short Passing Times have a Negative Outcome on Students’ Learning Experience?

Mara Mocanu March 18, 2024

Since the opening of Skyline High School, passing time has always been five minutes.  Ann Arbor Public High Schools have different shapes and sizes, and yet their passing times don’t always accommodate...

Tessa Jobe (27) and Nici DeNicolo (27) wearing winter like clothes. Credit: A. Canada.

Winter Layering Fashion

Amaya Canada March 15, 2024

With many fashion trends at Skyline in the winter, students are bundling up!  Some Skyline classrooms are freezing while others are very warm, so it is important that students wear lots of layers....

Grahm Hannah having a fun time snowboarding. Credit: G. Hannah.

What are Skyline Staff and students doing after the holidays?

America Mota-Bojorquez March 15, 2024

As we hit the middle of winter, the holiday season is well over and the cold weather continues. Despite temperatures beginning to rise, the weather is not yet warm enough for swimming, tanning, or any...

Nicholas Bertsos and Dave Almassy fulfilling their duties as lifeguards to save Mike Lovelace. Credit: D. Almassy.

What are “Theme Thursdays”?

America Mota-Bojorquez March 14, 2024

Every third Thursday of each month at Skyline is Theme Thursday. You can find Skyline students and staff dressed up for that month’s theme, like Skyline Spirit Day, College Day, and Ugly Sweater Day.  Tracy...

Students question witnesses and make objections at the mock trial dress rehearsal. Credit: S. von der Lieth

All Rise: Skyline Mock Trial Team Eagerly Awaits Upcoming Competition

Sara von der Lieth March 1, 2024

On March 2, 2024, the mock trial team will drive to the Monroe County Courthouse to compete in this year’s regionals, with students playing the roles of attorneys and witnesses. “At the competition,...

Soft locks. Credit J. Frank

What Are the Most Protective African American Hairstyles?

Amaya Canada February 21, 2024

There are many popular hairstyles among students: slicked back, ponytails, and French braids. For African American students, popular hairstyles also include soft locs, box braids, and knotless braids.  Hair...

Kerrytown. Credit: Lucas Caswell

A Review of Skyline Study Spots, Where to Work at in A2

Oliver Pung February 21, 2024

Students often find themselves overwhelmed with homework, busy beyond belief, and stuck looking for a place to power through their obligations. This article covers the good and the bad of Ann Arbor...

Salted maple milk bread donuts, five spice cake donuts, and gochujang caramel cookies. Credit: Rachel Liu Martindale

Locally Owned Bakery “Q Bakehouse & Market” Opening Soon With a Delectable Selection of Asian-Inspired Foods and Desserts

Ellie Min February 13, 2024

Ann Arbor resident Rachel Liu Martindale is opening Q Bakehouse & Market at 1608 Jackson Ave on February 14th, featuring a creative variety of foods. “[We make] milk bread buns, chiffon style...

No tech sign hanging in the front of Mr. Hannahs classroom. Credit: S. von der Lieth

“The Real World Doesn’t Work Like Your Phone”: How Phone Policies Affect The Skyline Community

Sara von der Lieth February 12, 2024

Most of us have probably noticed varying phone policies in each class. Nearly all Skyline teachers have their own opinions on how phones affect distraction levels, social interactions, and access to resources....

Oliver Pung (24) worked as an on-site building restorationist over the summer. Credit: Oliver Pung.

Eagles: Working Hard or Hardly Working After School?

Benji Davidoff December 19, 2023

About a month ago, I left my afterschool job at Carter’s, an endearing baby clothing store near Veterans Memorial Park. Though my overambitious school schedule pulled me away, it was an incredible...

Madison Wade (24) working hard while studying for first hour exams. Credit: G. Falcicchio-Wall.

What Eagles do to Manage Stress

Gia Falcicchio-Wall November 20, 2023

As Skyline students wrap up the first trimester, a large range of stress weighs down each individual. For some, this will be the first-ever finals season, while others are scrambling to complete applications...

Fun fall Friendsgiving spread! Credit A. Repp

Your Recipe Guide to Friendsgiving

Rori Deyer and Amelia Repp November 16, 2023

From eating specific dishes to spending time with friends and family, everyone has a different way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is gaining popularity as one way that young people are celebrating.   To...

Amelia Repp (24) starts studying for finals early.  Credit: L. Rooks

Approaching New Trimester: How Are Skyline Seniors Feeling About Upcoming Finals?

Lexie Rooks November 15, 2023

Is something terrible going down in Skyline High School? Many seniors are starting to get uneasy feelings in their stomachs when thinking about the upcoming finals, November 17–21. With Early Action...

The staple of all fall drinks. Credit: L. Rooks.

A Fall Necessity: Who Has the Best Pumpkin Spice?

Lexie Rooks November 9, 2023

There is something comfortable about pumpkin spice lattes. “I love pumpkin spice, it makes me feel like fall is here,” says Amelia Repp (‘24). When tasting something from the past, we are transported...

Janna Preston (24) demonstrates her pep. Credit: C. Halliburton

Friday Night Lights: How Eagles Get Ready for the Big Game

Gia Falcicchio-Wall November 9, 2023

Friday night football games are a staple of American high schools. Students at Skyline do a variety of different activities between when the bell rings at 2:51 and kickoff. Thanks to A2 Nest, the student...

Casey Elmore poses for a professional headshot. Credit: AAPS

Get to Know Your New Interim Principal: Who is Casey Elmore?

Rori Deyer November 9, 2023

After 13 years as SLC principal at Skyline, this summer Casey Elmore was appointed interim principal after former Skyline principal Cory McElmeel accepted a new position in AAPS for the 2023-24 school...

Gia Falcicchio-Wall (24) shows off her stunning dress. Credit: L. Stewart (24)

Outfit of the Dance: A Glimpse into the Glamorous World of Skyline Homecoming

Divya Verma November 3, 2023

  With the homecoming dance over, we can look back at all the iconic outfits that students wore and note emergent trends. Since there were so many, The Post wanted to take a glimpse into the glamorous...

Why Arent Cooking Classes Located in Skyline

Why Aren’t Cooking Classes Located in Skyline

Sophia Prehn June 9, 2023

As a freshman at Skyline, my first feeling was that this school seemed big enough to cater to all of our ideas and creations. When I got the paper to choose my 10th grade classes and cooking wasn't there...

Two fourth floor bathrooms await visitors Credit: Cecelia Brush

The Unspoken Rules of Skyline’s Bathrooms: Tips For Incoming Students

Cecelia Brush June 7, 2023

We’ve all had experiences with the Skyline bathrooms: long lines, a toilet that doesn’t flush, or, on the flip side, one that won’t stop flushing. The Skyline Post asked students and staff for their...

Willow Hayner (23’) showing off their outfit. Credit: Caroline Theiss

Skyline Students Jump Into Spring With an Excitement for Fashion

Caroline Theiss June 7, 2023

The sun is finally shining down on Skyline students, spring has sprung! There are lots of questions burning in the backs of Skyline student’s minds, most importantly: what do I wear?! The Vogue 2023...

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

A Newcomer’s Guide: Where Can Students Go For Study Help?

Jaeden Klassen June 7, 2023

There is always a point in one’s education when they wish they could get more help with their work, whether it be an essay, some math problems, studying for an exam, or otherwise. I’ve never been great...

Lake Michigan lookout Credit: Josie Miller

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun?

Josie Miller and Olivia Haft June 5, 2023

How Can You Make Your Summer Productive and Fun? Summer is the time to relax and finally get a long break after a stressful school year, but do you ever find yourself bored  or not prepared for next...

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

How Can We Get To Know Other People’s Cultures Through Food?

Ferris Ingram and Diego Hurtado-Cardenas June 5, 2023

Ferris: My family is Ashkenazi/Mizrahi Jewish. Most of us are very involved in the culture.  The food we eat is very important for us to have when we’re together. I grew up eating pierogies, cholent,...

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