The Met Gala Comes To Ann Arbor: What Were People Wearing And Why?

This year’s Met Gala theme gave attendants a broad panorama of options, from stylish, innovative examples, to funnier and groundbreaking looks. The Skyline Post noticed multiple students showing their creative takes on these iconic looks, while some others decided to go the comedic way and mock what the Met has turned into this past couple of years. Either way, everyone was worth noticing and had a story behind their style.

TREND ONE: Glitter and patterns

On the vibrant scene of prom, we noted a trend of glitter and patterns in many outfits. Gowns sparkled and sequined attire caught the stadium lights, creating great shots in the rain. 

Not to be outdone, many Seniors sporting mens attire took a stylish turn from the classic tuxedo, favoring patterned suits instead. These combinations of stripes and paisleys along with bold and vibrant colors elevated their look, making them stand out compared to the ordinary suit. 

TREND TWO: Bold and Edgy

Another unmissable trend that showcases youth culture in its full, creative glory: bold and edgy outfits. With confidence, seniors daringly broke away from convention. Dramatic corsets, unconventional fabrics, and layering of heavy jewelry have replaced the expected looks. Some seniors wore punk-inspired gowns or solid suits in creative fabrics.  Many also wore intense eye makeup or hairstyles to fit the look.

TREND THREE: Clean and classy

Despite flamboyant trends, there were also many simple, classy outfits that captured a timeless elegance. Many adopted a minimalist approach, with some wearing sheer dresses with subtle embellishments and others opting for classic tuxedos or well-fitted suits in muted tones. Most of these classic dresses were paired with dainty jewelry while some men chose expensive chains, watches, and sunglasses to complement their clean attire.

TRENDS IN: Men’s Attire

The prom night held a dazzling display of men’s attire as the teenagers of Skyline High School stepped onto the Michigan stadium in their impeccably tailored suits and tuxedos. With an air of confidence, style, and class, they left an impression on all who attended. 

As expected, classic suits and tuxedos were popular choices, reflecting timeless elegance with their perfectly fitted jackets and crisp white shirts. Many added their personal touch, opting for unique styled shoes, layered turtlenecks, chains, and glasses that showcased their individuality.

Many paired their outfits with neatly framed glasses or jewelry to accentuate their look. Similarly many built their outfits’ overall look from the shoes up, from your formal, classic dress shoes to designer sneakers and even workwear style. From a more formal etiquette we saw multiple black and brown dress shoes, many penny loafers and oxfords. We also noticed designer shoes, from Off-White to Christian Louboutin, and a large amount of Gucci. Oddly enough, a lot of men decided to go trendy and choose to wear Doc Martens, which was widely seen throughout the event.  

Our seniors sporting menswear proved that prom night is not just about the ladies attire, but an opportunity for them to showcase their own personal finesse.

How Was The Met Gala Theme Reflected? 

The Met Gala Theme was widely reflected in classical and fancy decor elements like a mostly credible red carpet, as well as gold and black accents like venetian masks, golden candles, and pearl necklaces. These dressed up the event and made reference to the theme. 

We noticed a banquet, dance floor, and even a games area (in case you get bored with dancing and want to play Jenga). 

Some other unplanned decor was also present: as you may have noticed, it poured all night. But the wonderful UofM Team gave out white umbrellas that added a layer of reflective light in photos, which we think was quite helpful to the theme.


Fashion Spotlights:

Waleska Martinez (’23 and 2022 Skyline Post Fashion Editor):  “I told my mom that I didn’t want a black dress, but once I saw the dress, I fell in love with it. It had everything I wanted, which made me feel confident. It’s super unexpected for me to wear a color like that since I usually always wear beige/bright colors.”

Waleska is wearing a fitted V cut black dress accompanied by a tail of fabric in the back, creating a train when she walks. Covered top to toe in sequins, gold accents, and black lace.


Sky Roberts

Sky Roberts (’23) on her studded pantsuit: “I think it’s a bad girl move. I love it, and I wanted to try something new and bold, especially since I’ve only worn dresses in prior years.”

Sky is sporting a black denim blazer from Free People, equipped with stud along the seams and and intricate designs.


Riya Saini (’23) shared the sentimental value of her outfit: “My grandma bought me the dress a while ago, and I ended up wearing it to a wedding in Canada previously, so I’ve had the outfit for a while. My mom also encouraged me to match her pair of rose gold Swarovski earrings with my outfit.”

Riyas attire consists of a long cut out glittered gown, which she coupled with her diamond swarovski earrings. 

Richlien Digue (23’) talked to us about his look and why they are special: “I actually made this outfit. It was silk, satin, and a bunch of glass crystals for buttons and for the glass crystal chain harness. I just made it because I’ve always wanted to do something like that. Especially with the Met Gala theme, I thought ‘why not go all out’ and because prom is such a momentous occasion, I thought it would be very important to just express a lot of creativity in terms of looks. Express the journey I’ve gone through in High School. I feel that white is a very symbolic color of purity and brand new beginnings, so I wanted to do that especially because I’m graduating and going into college.”  

Richlien is wearing a silk and satin suit made by himself with a black oxford shirt. Which are being complimented by a glass crystal chain harness.


Wet Guys:  The Skyline Prom was hosted at The Big House Stadium on a particularly rainy night, leading to a not-so-planned trend that popped up: Wet Guys.  

“We did actually plan to get this wet… definitely, absolutely,” said the Wet Guys. “The inspiration was Niagara Falls.” Multiple people formed part of the trend.

Wet Guys posing.

Liam McGlohon (23’): “I thought it was funny, I saw it on Etsy and I thought ‘that’s a thing.’ The theme was supposed to be the Met Gala and I was told this is the most Met Gala outfit but also the Met Gala theme this year was trash, so… whatever. It was definitely better than the cat.”