Student Speaker at Graduation is Aaralyn Huhn: Future Nurse, Current Potter

Student Graduation Speaker Aaralyn Huhn (23). Credit: S. Thomas and D. Hurtado-Cardenas

Student Graduation Speaker Aaralyn Huhn (’23). Credit: S. Thomas and D. Hurtado-Cardenas

How were you chosen to give the student speech?

Apparently, there were 11 speeches that entered and they anonymously selected my speech.

What was writing the speech like?

Honestly, writing it was both fun and a little hard. I had to write it for [Dr. Annie Blais’s] senior speech unit. I struggled with topic; I first joked about maybe writing it on how to write a senior speech but then landed on an extended metaphor about the stairs. 

After it was selected, I worked with the librarians and Dr. B to get it in a place you could read it to the convocation center, not just my English 12 class. You have to think a little differently about your audience when it’s that large.

What are you planning to say with it?

Its message is about the journey we take through high school: the community and support we receive at Skyline, and being proud of our accomplishments and where we are going.

What was your favorite part of high school? 

My favorite part of high school has been the ceramics course. It’s taught by Ms O’Leary, the staff speaker. She has made a safe place for me to bloom as an artist.

What was your least favorite part of high school?

Least favorite was COVID learning. I just remember the world feeling really out of control. My favorite “I’m going crazy moment” was when I toasted almost an entire loaf to get the perfect piece. But I’m glad I learned skills to be independent and I got to spend a lot of time with my dogs.

Any other retrospective thoughts on Skyline/high school in general?

I think we take Skyline as a school for granted. We have such an amazing community and network of resources, not [just] for further education, but for jobs, connections, emotional, and physical health. A lot of places don’t have those resources. 

What are your post-school plans? Why did you choose them particularly?

I’m planning to go to WCC and EMU for nursing and minoring in ceramics, hopefully to become a pediatric nurse. I love teaching and medicine, but big name schools are really expensive.

What are you most looking forward to post-school?

I’m about to go to Pioneer Scout Reservation as an Assistant Director of our Crafts and Applied Skills Building, but I teach the Pottery, Sculpture, and Welding Merit Badges. I’m an Eagle Scout.

What do you do for fun? 

I do a lot of pottery. I’ve logged over 300 hours in the Skyline pottery studio.