How Will Skyline Pull Off The Glamorous Met Gala?


Each year, Skyline High School presents a different theme for prom, reflected in the decor and the attire of students attending. Seniors individually vote on their favorite themes, and then the school picks the top three for a second round of voting.

For this year’s 2023 prom theme, Skyline seniors chose The Met Gala. The theme is based on an annual fundraiser for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, located in New York City.

The Met Gala is one of the most highly anticipated fashion events of the year, where celebrities, fashion leaders, and pop culture influencers come together to celebrate and raise funds for the museum’s exhibitions. Usually, the new year brings new faces, which always stirs something up in celebrity gossip. Outfits are viewed as a hit or miss, and the attendees are judged very precisely based on their looks.

From what we hear, we can expect an on-point theme. Attendees could be dressed in bold and unconventional ways that reflect the chosen theme. Will there be a red carpet entrance with attendees having photos taken as they arrive, just like at the actual Met Gala? The decorations could reflect the dramatic theme, and the music could be curated to complement the atmosphere.

When Waleska Martinez (’23) was asked to comment on the prom theme, she replied with, “Everyone has their own aesthetic, so I think the students will do their own thing, but at the same time, do it in a glamorized way.”

Because the prom will be held at the Michigan Stadium, Skyline has only selective options for decor. The school is not allowed to hang anything from the ceilings or walls, so the majority of the decorations will be on the long and high tabletops. Skyline’s organizing committee, the SAS, can also customize the photo booth and prom court to its liking. According to Anne Bezeau, head of SAS, “The prom is expected to have a color scheme of red, white, gold, and ivory.”

Underclassmen are anticipating extravagant outfits from this year’s seniors. Sophomore Nati Murrell (’25) says, “The Met Gala is something that I look forward to watching every year, and I’m really excited to see how Skyline seniors follow through with it. I wonder if the look will be just as elaborate as the Met Gala or if they will be the conventional prom looks we see yearly.”

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