Skyline GSRA Participates in Annual Day of Silence


GLSEN network protests anti trans bills

On Friday, April 14th, Skyline GSRA (gender, sexuality, and romanticality alliance) participated in a Day of Silence where GSRA members refrained from speaking all day. This is a nationwide event held by GLSEN  (gay, lesbian, straight, education network),  a national organization committed to ending harassment and discrimination towards LGBTQIA+ youth in schools.  

This day is  important to Skyline GSRA president Liam McGlohon and the GSRA club  “right now because of the anti-trans policies being passed in Florida, Ohio and all over the country. By being silent we expose just how important queer students are in our school community and that our absence would be a great loss.” 

Day of Silence is an event hosted by GLSEN. The Day of Silence has participants all over the United States. This is Skyline’s 2nd year participating.

“Unfortunately because of the testing and scheduling issues we weren’t able to communicate it over the announcements or get students to pass out information at the front of the school like last year,” McGlohon explained. “But overall, we’re still happy with the turnout. I’d estimate about 20-30 students participated.” 

If you don’t know what the day of silence is check out this website!: