Therapy Dog Coming to Skyline Soon

Did you know that there is a therapy dog named Mocha coming to the Skyline soon?

Mocha, Skyline’s therapy dog, is going to help Skyline students that have been struggling in the past (2019-2023) with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as help with general relaxation. 

During and since the pandemic, there have been reports of students being depressed, having anxiety, and being stressed. Since PSAT, SATS and exams are coming up, Skyline Staff are going to bring a well trained dog to relieve some stress. 

SLC Principal Terri Patterson is keeping Mocha, the therapy dog, until she is fully trained.  “I’ve never had a dog before,” said Patterson. “She’s so sweet, but she’s a lot of work.”

A few fun facts about Mocha:  Mocha is a golden doodle. She is 7 months old and she does not bark at all.  Golden doodles are very hyper dogs but one way you can keep them busy is by giving them therapy work.

She is afraid of vacuums.  She was adopted at a kennel and her favorite toy is a hedgehog.Mocha is also a great retriever, which means she is good at catching stuff.

“Mocha doesn’t do tricks,” says Patterson. ”She knows commands though like sit and stay. Once I accidentally threw her toy at my bed board and she did a flip but I didn’t teach her that.”  

Mocha should be done training sometime around April, however, the date  depends on how well she listens. Mocha will start off in Patterson’s office in the 4th floor Equality hallway, then will go to the Diversity office, and then downstairs to the Principal’s Office, where she will stay throughout the school year.

Dogs make great therapists, according to “Dogs can help with anxiety, depression, PTSD and psychotic disorders…they have a calm demeanor, they are  patient, confident and love human contact.”

Mocha will be here soon.  Stay tuned for Mocha’s arrival to Skyline!