Why Do We Suddenly Have To Pay For School Lunch? Inside The School Cafeteria

Did you know on August 26th there was an email sent out saying we have to pay for breakfast and lunches? You might be wondering why.

The government is making us pay for lunches this year because COVID is partially over, meaning that people can get their jobs back and workers can go into stores feeling safer.

During Covid there was a federal grant that paid for our breakfast and lunches. Now the government is just paying for school lunches for schools and students that need it more. 

Avivah Michell (‘23) says, “Last year’s lunch was better because it was free for everyone.”

According to Heather Schimmel, 9th Grade counselor, if anyone can’t afford lunches there is financial assistance for free and reduced lunches.  Students and families can sign up at https://www.a2schools.org/.  Go to students and families > parents and students > food service. Then scroll down until you see a blue link that says food services.

Cookies and ice cream and other snacks are not a part of our meal plan so we have to pay for those with cash.  The school only pays for our meal plan which is our veggies, protein, dairy and fruits. 

Many students think that ever since we had to start paying for food, the lunches ended up looking and tasting better.

Charlenia Jackson (‘24) says, “the lunches are better than last year because they have better options.”  They have sandwiches, sweet and sour chicken and rice, salads, and food that tastes like chipotle.

Le’Anna Brandon (‘23) says, “The lunch is worse this year because they don’t have lactose intolerant food. There is cheese in almost everything.”