Money, Secrets, Romance: The Inheritance Games Has It All!


Ryann Brooks

Drawing of objects from The Inheritance Games

Avery Kylie Grambs was just an average girl until she randomly inherited billions of dollars from a stranger. Or was it so random? Avery is thrown into a world of secrets and strange disinherited rich kids, with whom she hopes to uncover the secrets of her fortune and fame. She will have to take many risks to uncover why Tobias Hawthorne took a “very risky gamble” and gave her his entire fortune.

The Inheritance Games is the first book in a trilogy written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The series details the life of a young woman, Avery Kylie Grambs. Avery recently lost her mother and is living with her sister Libby and Libby’s trashy on-off boyfriend. Suddenly her world is turned upside down when she is contacted by the Hawthorne family: a notorious family of Texan billionaires. Tobias Hawthorne, the billionaire himself, recently died and left Avery in his will. She has never met this man before, so why did he leave her almost his entire fortune? Navigating the broken family, “elaborate riddles,” and the world of the rich isn’t easy, and may even cost Avery her life.

Avery really only wants to make it through high school. From then on, she’s free to do anything she wants. But things never really do go her way. Suddenly Avery finds herself trapped among the prestigious Hawthorne family. She’s mystified by everything that comes with being the heiress to billions of dollars, but she’s even more intrigued by the four Hawthore grandsons: Nash, Grayson, Jameson, and Xander. Trained by their grandfather to solve riddles, puzzles and compete to win it all, the Hawthore brothers are forces to be reckoned with. Avery has never been faced with anything like this.  Can she navigate her fortune–and the family who comes with it–while managing the threats coming her way?

The characters provide conflicting emotions, to the point where you’re wondering if any of them can be trusted, and praying your favorites aren’t behind it all. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a master of suspense and intrigue, you will find yourself questioning the answers to all of Avery’s questions –all of everybody’s questions–and if Tobias even left her an answer at all.

Avery provides an outside look into the Hawthorne family; an unusual family, even without the billions of dollars. Tobias Hawthorne raised this family his own way: encouraging competition and a hunger to win every puzzle thrown their way. While hunting for the answers, she discovers things she never would’ve thought possible and uncovers more than she imagined. 

What else are the Hawthornes hiding?

The Inheritance Games is a remarkable book for many reasons. Filled with suspense and a touch of romance, Jennifer Lynn Barnes spins a world of wealth and mystery that leaves you begging for more. She creates characters that capture your heart and some that you come to truly hate. Teenagers and young adults will especially enjoy following Avery’s journey to discover the secrets of the Hawthorne House. In a truly incredible way, Barnes combines mystery, romance, and realistic fiction to create an amazing story that is treasured by many hearts already, and many more to come. Av