Ocean’s 11 Showing You How to Rob a Casino


Mira Wroten

Movie Night With Family; Watching Oceans 11

When master thief Rusty calls Benedict after they rob his casino, Benedict answers with this threat:  “All right, you proved your point. You broke into my vault. Congratulations, you’re a dead man.”  This doesn’t faze Rusty because he knows that Benedict can’t do anything about being robbed and is furious with his minions for letting this happen. 

Oceans 11 and its sequels would have been perfect during Covid, when we could binge watch it and Oceans 12 and 13 too. I’m happy I eventually found these movies because they brought me so much joy to watch. I hope Oceans 11 will do the same for you.

Here’s what it’s about:  11 men, all heading towards one direction: stealing $160 million. 

After spending many years in jail in New Jersey, master thief Danny Ocean gets out on good behavior and organizes a supposedly impossible plan: to rob the Las Vegas Bellagio’s vault, where the money from three Las Vegas casinos is stored. Along with stealing $160 million, he also wants to “steal” his ex-wife Tess back from the owner of the casinos, Terry Benedict. Before Danny went to jail, Tess divorced him because she was sick of his criminal ways. 

Danny needs the help of several experts to be successful in this mission. Rusty has skill in playing cards; Linus is a professional pickpocket; Reuben knows the security systems of the vault perfectly; Roscoe is an explosive expert; the Malloy brothers are technology experts and part-time drivers, and Yen is a contortionist. He got sent to jail because he got convicted of Felony Fraud.

This movie is worth watching because of the script, the cast, and the camera work. I loved how each of the characters had a mind of their own, but still knew what the other was thinking. Danny and Rusty do this a lot over this series, which I always find so fascinating how well they communicate. 


In the end, everything is tied up neatly. This whole movie was a thrill that kept me paying attention the whole entire time. If you miss one scene, the whole movie will be messed up for you. That is how important everything in this movie is. I recommend this movie for anyone who is sitting around, having nothing to do and just wants to watch a movie. My dad introduced this movie to me, and we kept watching tons of times because we were so addicted to the characters and plot. This movie is also great to watch during a family night with popcorn and some pizza!