Thank You to Skyline Teachers: It’s Been a Rough Year


The Skyline Staff persevered through one of the hardest years for educators ever. Credit: Meredith Giltner (edited by Alicia Dyer)

Dear Skyline Faculty, 

As our newspaper is primarily student-run, we focus more on the students’ perspective. Adjustments the school made during Covid-19 were primarily focused on student’s learning and education, but we know the last-minute lesson changes and notices must’ve been just as stressful for you. 

Teachers have had to deal with Covid-19 scares, learning new technology, and transitioning to online learning within a moment’s notice. It’s extremely difficult to have students asking you for answers when you don’t even have them yet yourselves. We know you’re doing the best that you can and more, which is something that a simple “thanks” will never be able to repay. Dealing with student trauma at the same time as your own is frustrating and seemingly impossible, and yet you all are doing it anyways. 

At The Skyline Post, we aim to represent the entire Skyline student body. As such, we want to give our appreciation and respect to the teachers we all relied on during this year of Covid-19, constant change, and stress. It wasn’t easy, but you still managed to prioritize the education of your students. 

We’d also like to thank all the administrators who supported the newspaper in our first year. To all the people who were bombarded with emails, asked for interviews, and tracked down by squads of reporters, thank you for your cooperation (and patience). Our school’s newspaper wouldn’t be what it is without your continued contributions. 

Again, thank you to the Skyline teachers and administrators for being the rock we all needed during such hectic times. You’re all appreciated and admired.


The Skyline Post