Teacher Feature

One of Mr. Thomas’s hidden talents is that he is a good cook. Mr. Thomas spends his summers coaching swimming, traveling, and dreams of someday getting an RV and traveling the whole country. For Thomas, a good day at school is when his students walk out of his classroom feeling confident. He feels that technology is both helpful and challenging. Students are able to type, and do research, everything they need or want to do they can do in one place. On the other hand this makes it so easy to find answers, the students can copy and paste, instead of finding answers themselves. Mr. Thomas is proud of his students this year for communicating and talking to one another. He is so happy that all his students are engaging and learning with each other. Working to connect with students by being kind and listening is his way of showing he cares.

One of Mr. Nowitzke’s hidden talents is that he can rip a phonebook in half. One thing students would be surprised to hear about Nowitzke is that he tries to relate his music to math. Nowitzke spends his summers camping and traveling with his family and friends. One of his dreams is to one day go to Australia. A good day at school for Nowitzke is when his students are working hard, and having fun while still understanding the content. What inspires Nowitzke in school the most is his students and co-workers. An accomplishment that has filled Nowitzke with pride this year is being back in the building. A unique thing that he brings to Skyline High School is that he lets his students know that math can be useful but also very challenging.  He has always had a passion for math.

One of Mr. Jobe’s hidden talents is that he can barbecue. One thing students would be surprised to know about Jobe is that he used to play college football for Wayne State University. Jobe spends his summers with his kids, watching them play travel sports. One of Jobe’s dream vacations is to go to the East Coast. A good day at school for Jobe is interacting with students, building relationships, and learning new material. What inspires Jobe the most is when he makes an impact on his students’ lives. Many students admire Jobe. The way he makes the connections is by showing him that he cares, and by making his classroom comfortable. A unique thing that Jobe brings to Skyline High School is that he is a very positive person and his best quality is the relationships he has with his students.

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

Thomas: “Believe in yourself.”

Nowitzke: “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Jobe:  “Strive to put your best foot forward.”