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What is Going on With Winterfest?

Festive holiday decorations to cheer up Skyline students over the winter! Credit: R. Deyer.

The week of Jan. 22 marks Skyline’s annual WinterFest celebration. Skyline’s Student Action Senate (SAS) planned this year’s festivities, which include a week of spirit days leading up to a pep rally among other activities, including raffles at lunch for participating students and a fundraiser for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

This year, WinterFest will include winter-themed spirit days as well as a pep rally. “I remember the themes and how fun it was to see what other people were wearing [last year],” says Kennedy Wassef (‘26). 

Following a modified class schedule, the pep rally will take place after 5th hour on Friday, Jan. 26. “We hope to have two [basketball] games.” says Bezeau. “Game one is the Seniors vs Juniors and Game two is the winner taking on a staff team.”

Modified pep-rally bell schedule for Friday Jan. 26.

After several years of cancellations due to snow and the COVID-19 pandemic, SAS is taking a new approach to WinterFest and planning not to hold a dance this year. “How we’re going to change it this year is left up to reps and officers in SAS,” says Anne Bezeau, SAS advisor. “Each year [the reps and officers] have different ideas we try to incorporate.”

WinterFest offers events for students to look forward to during Ann Arbor’s often gray winters. “WinterFest is important because it gives people a sense of spirit and gives everyone something fun to do when there aren’t many other big events happening,” says Hadley Zann (‘24). “It makes the bleak wintertime more exciting.”

The themes for this year are listed below:

Monday, Jan. 22: Long Winter’s Nap – PJ Day

Tuesday, Jan. 23: Groutfit Day – Wear Gray

Wednesday, Jan. 24: Surf vs. Ski Day

Thursday, Jan. 25: Flannel Day

Friday, Jan. 26: Class Color Day

   Grade 9: White

   Grade 10: Sky Blue

   Grade 11: Navy Blue

   Grade 12: Black

    Staff: Gray

Note: Rori Deyer is a vice president of SAS, the organization that plans and runs WinterFest.

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