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Skyline Field Hockey Journeys to the Max Field Hockey High School National Invitational

On Sept. 21, Skyline Girls’ Field Hockey traveled east to Conshohocken, Pennsylvania for the Max Field Hockey High School National Invitational, which they previously attended in 2022 as well. “I went last year and that was the first time we had ever gone so going back was a pretty similar experience,” said co-captain Chiara Bichakjian (‘24). “Also I think two of the teams we played this year were a lot more challenging than what we experienced last year which was hard but it was good for us.”

Skyline girls Field Hockey was able to come away with a 1-2 record. Their win came against Blair Academy (New Jersey) 6-3, but they lost to both Conestoga High School (Pennsylvania) 1-5 and Darien High School (Connecticut) 4-12. 

“I did [enjoy the tournament],” said Cate Howard (‘25). “I thought it was good, even though we didn’t have the outcome we totally wanted in all the games, I thought it was a really good bonding experience as a team.”

Skyline Girls’ Field Hockey finishes strong after a big win in Pennsylvanian. Credit S. Shultz.

The tournament featured the top two teams from every state. Skyline played teams that they have never faced before, presenting many challenges along the way. 

“I think we definitely did [benefit from going],” said Gabi Arocha (‘26). “Spending those days together every hour does help us create more of those bonds, get more connected and close as a team.”

Not only did the team prove to themselves but they also proved to others that they deserved the opportunity to play in the tournament. “We were forced as a team to adapt to new things that we hadn’t experienced,” said Bichakjian (‘24). “And we really had to listen to each other and, like I said, change depending on what was brought to us.”

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