Emmie Pokryfke Humans Of Skyline!

I have a lot of extracurriculars, Water polo, Pep band, Marching band, NHS, Robotics, and Swim team. I balance that all with good time management. I have gotten good at balancing what I do each sports season (swim in fall, robotics in winter, water polo in the spring). It has also been a learning experience on determining my priorities on what I want to focus on, as well as speaking to coaches to help them understand my priorities. I want to make sure I am spending my high school career doing things I love, so if that means giving up other things, or missing some activities, coaches need to be able to understand that, and I need to understand my own limits as well. This also requires me to know when to be chill, and do some sort of self care to let my brain turn off from all of my activities.