No More Zeroes: Grade Policy Change for Mastery and Process


The new grading policy means changes for teachers, including Mr. Bertsos (pictured above). Credit: Lucas Caswell.

As of the 2022 school year, the Skyline Administration has changed the grading policy so that the lowest grade that teachers can give students is fifty percent of maximum points rather than a zero. This applies to both process and mastery assignments. 

According to Mr. McElmeel, the Skyline Administration is in the process of converting their grading practice to an “equal interval scale” which makes grade recovery easier. This change is an attempt to make grading more equitable for students by modifying the tools used to judge students. Skyline Administration is currently in the process of working with the AAPS Information Technology department and Powerschool to better implement this system.

Students and parents should be aware that a fifty percent is the lowest possible grade and having a fifty percent in Powerschool could mean that you did not turn in an assignment. 

A longer feature will be included in the next issue of The Skyline Post detailing this policy change and the reactions of students and staff.