Moving on From Sports


While some athletes will continue in college (like the pictured Sophia Morgan), the end of a season brings often is the last time an athlete will play. Credit: Joe Tworek

From three years old up until now, hundreds of athletes at Skyline have been a part of a sports team of some kind. Being on a sports team provides a community of friends and coaches who are working together towards a common goal while teaching life lessons along the way. Some Skyline seniors are fortunate enough to continue playing in college, but for the vast majority, this is it. It isn’t the exercise that is going to be missed, it’s the team camaraderie, the funny moments at practice, and the sense of belonging. 

Reflecting on a childhood of sports can be bittersweet. When looking back on his Skyline experience, senior lacrosse player Marco Geglio says, “I can’t imagine high school without sports. I love being on a team and competing with people you are so close with. I’m very grateful for everything sports here at Skyline has given me.” 

Similarly, senior volleyball player Sophie Schrag says that “Skyline sports gave me some of my best friends and best memories at Skyline. It is something that I am going to miss the most when I go to college.” 

Skyline sports are a bright spot for countless athletes and moving on post-graduation can be very difficult. Luckily there are still many ways to stay involved:  countless leagues for those out of high school, through community centers, and more. At college, club teams, intramural teams, and recreational teams are all great possibilities to stay involved with sports that are so beloved. Just like high school, sports can still be a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interests outside of the Skyline community. Once an athlete, always an athlete!