Skyline Post Senior Spotlight: My Skyline Journey


Cody Williams. Credit: Cody Williams

A note from The Post staff: at The Skyline Post, we invite every senior who has been on our staff to write a Senior Spotlight. A Senior Spotlight is a chance for them to address the community as they go forth into the world.

I can say I came a long way from going through so many obstacles as a senior. I feel like I accomplished so much but I also learned to be humble because you never know what is going to happen. I only got the opportunity to be at Skyline for two years out of my four but everybody has been so open and very nice since the day I got here. I didn’t have the best two years but I created memories with people that are going to last me a lifetime. 

I was so stressed coming from a new school and having to catch up with everybody else. I was behind. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I thought I was stuck. I have to thank the whole staff of Skyline because they never gave up on me. They gave me the tools to be successful and they never gave up on me, even when I wasn’t in the right and wasn’t taking care of business.  

One thing I would recommend is keeping up on your work.  You don’t want to be behind because it puts a lot of pressure on you on top of your regular life. I would definitely recommend you to be organized so you don’t have any worries at all. I’d struggled a lot here but I wouldn’t take any of it back because I think it made me who I am today. 

I met so many great people along the way. I got to play football with a lot of people and I made so many bonds with coaches and players. I’m proud to call them my family. It doesn’t feel real that I’m a senior and I’m moving on to the next part of my life. This year has been kind of shaky for me but I’m happy that I got to come to school to see real faces and actually be engaged in activities and be a part of things. I’m honestly so happy that I got to be a part of the Skyline community and If I had to give you guys any advice it would be to stay focused, be patient, and enjoy your time in high school because you’re going to miss it.  For my future I’ll be continuing my athletic career and academic career at Concordia University.