Skyline Post Senior Spotlight: How to Optimize Your Time in High School

Elan Kluger. Credit: Elan Kluger

Elan Kluger. Credit: Elan Kluger

A note from the post staff: at the Skyline post, we invite every senior who has been on our staff to write a senior spotlight. A senior spotlight is a chance for them to address the community as they leave.

Firstly, ask the question, “Can I get this done quicker?” The normal pace is good for many, maybe too fast for some. But for others, it is too slow. 

Ask, “Do I have to take this class or can I test out?” 

Ask, “Does this project take the month of time allotted or can I get it done today?” 

Ask, “Do I really need to spend another trimester, another year in high school?” Many times, you will choose the standard option. But sometimes you won’t. Capitalize on that. 

Also, ask yourself what goal you are optimizing for. If your goal is to get into a great school, optimize for that. If it is to “have as much fun as possible” then great, go for it! Just do not pretend your goal is otherwise. Make sure your actions match your intentions. There are a great deal of rewards for knowing exactly what you want.

Finally, the book How to Be a High School Superstar by Cal Newport has a kitschy title but is worth reading if you are serious about your high school career. 

I ended up at a college I wanted and graduated a trimester earlier. I followed the advice listed above partially. If I had followed it more, I would predict even greater success.

No piece of advice is universal. This, however, is the advice I wish I had and I hope it is useful.