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The Skyline Post

Video on Applying to the Arts for College

Gabriel Hill, Journalist March 15, 2023

While some students might know how to cook for themselves, many graduate high school unready to prepare food for themselves. Credit: Tribune News Service

For a Tastier and Healthier After-School Meal, Make Yourself a Pot of Moroccan Stew  

Ben Bower June 5, 2022

For many young adults, the thought of venturing out into the adult world and becoming independent can be overwhelming. Responsibilities which have largely been left to those around us, such as the job...

Skyline Sports Triumph Over Rivals During Winter Season

Onat Ozer, Journalist May 25, 2022

After a disappointing 4th place finish during the state tournament last year, the Skyline swim team attacked their offseason with heightened ferocity. The result was one of the strongest seasons in...

The History Behind Skylines African Humanities Class

The History Behind Skyline’s African Humanities Class

Anisha Ramachandra and Bella Simonte May 18, 2022

Skyline’s African American Humanities class has been an elective class in the district for over a decade. With its unique take on learning and student engagement, it is both a collaborative and research-based...

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