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These Six Christmas Movies are Worth Rewatching All Winter Long

A collage of our favorite Christmas films. Credits: 20th Century Fox Hughes Entertainment, DiNovi Pictures, National Lampoon, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, 1492 Pictures and Imagine Entertainment.
A collage of our favorite Christmas films. Credits: 20th Century Fox Hughes Entertainment, DiNovi Pictures, National Lampoon, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios, 1492 Pictures and Imagine Entertainment.

It’s officially that time. Radio stations have ditched the festive music, New Year’s resolutions are dropping like flies, and February has started feeling gloomier than ever. Although the holiday season has come to a close, Michigan weather will continue to provide us with just a couple months of wintery-weather and snow. With this in mind, we have collected some of our favorite holiday movies to keep spirits high and to watch on those lucky snow days off of school!

Christmas With the Kranks: 

Christmas With the Kranks is another amazing movie for families 11+ that follows a lovable family through the craziness of the holidays. 

When their daughter Blair goes to Peru to serve the Peace Corp for the holidays, Nora and Luther Krank decide to spend their Christmas on a cruise. However, they have to change plans at the last minute when Blair decides to come home for Christmas. 

Instead of spending the holidays in the Caribbean, Nora and Luther are forced to create the magic of Christmas for their daughter in little to no time.

I love this movie because it expresses how chaotic it can be for families to prepare for the holidays. From finding a tree to cooking the perfect meal, the Kranks have to complete a long list of things that make Christmas as special as it is for their family. 

Another reason I enjoyed this movie is that, after some development, the characters partake in the true meaning of Christmas. In the end, Luther Krank decides that being kind and helping someone who is having a hard time is more important than honoring longlasting feuds.

Finally, I recommend this movie because it has a hilarious storyline. When news got out that the Kranks were initially planning on skipping Christmas, they faced resistance from many of their neighbors who wanted them to partake in the holiday spirit. This dynamic fueled many funny scenes of Luther and Nora battling with whether their decision to skip Christmas was the right one. 

Home Alone:

Home Alone is a playful, warm-hearted comedy that follows eight year old Kevin McCallister after being left home alone during his family’s winter vacation. From the sweet messages of family to the well developed characters and exciting scenes, Home Alone is definitely worth the watch. 

This Christmas classic does a great job at keeping watchers on their toes as Kevin creatively defends his house from a notorious pair of burglars committed to robbing it. A wide range of pranks including flying paint cans and slippery staircases of tar create action-packed scenes that make this movie super entertaining to watch. 

The character development of Kevin is also nicely done. Throughout the movie, short-tempered Kevin, who celebrated the disappearance of his family, starts to realize how important they truly are to him. This maturity carries over into Kevin’s appreciation and respect towards the people around him, no matter how they appear on the outside. 

I also really enjoyed the theme of family that is displayed in the movie. It portrays just how much the mom misses her son and the lengths she will go to be with him. The film does a great job at capturing the true meaning of family, and how even the not-so-perfect households need each other. Overall, Home Alone is a great movie to watch with friends and family if you’re looking for a good laugh. 


The movie Elf is a heartwarming and hysterical movie that is great for the whole family, engaging people of all ages with the humor and imaginative storyline.

 It stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, a man who grew up in the North Pole under the impression that he was an elf. On the journey to NYC to find his real dad, he is faced with many new things, including the harsh reality of the real world: not everyone believes in Santa.

One of the things that makes this movie so magical is Buddy. His childlike personality, humor, and unawareness of the world are what make this movie as funny as it is. There are many scenes that show his character, like when he started eating gum off of fences and sidewalks because he thought it was free candy.

This movie displays the theme that family is the most important thing. This is because at first Buddy’s dad prioritized work over everything, including his family, but at the end he made a selfless decision that helped save Christmas. 

Elf makes me feel a sense of community and Christmas cheer because throughout the movie, Buddy worked really hard to get people to come together and be happy. Many people thought he was a joke and didn’t like him, especially his dad, but in the end he truly made a difference for everyone.

Christmas Vacation: 

Christmas Vacation is a relatable, family-centered Christmas comedy that everyone about 12 and older needs to watch this winter. 

It is about a man named Clark Griswold who invites all of his relatives to come stay at his family’s house for Christmas. Things quickly escalate and it becomes a chaotic scene as Clark awaits his holiday bonus from work, and other family drama occurs.

One of the best things about this movie is that it’s so relatable for most families during the holidays. Many people see distant family members, and experience both the good and bad things that come with it. It’s always fun to reconnect with people, but it can be especially stressful for the hosts, in this case, Clark, his wife, and his kids.

A funny concept in this movie is how things keep getting worse for the Griswolds. From Clark’s mom and mother-in-law constantly arguing, to some mishaps with the Christmas Eve dinner, to multiple uninvited guests, there is not a moment of calm in this movie. 

Despite all the craziness, Christmas Vacation is a truly uplifting film that conveys the message that you need to be grateful for everything that comes to you. In the end, they really did have a magical Christmas, even though it may not have been what they imagined it would be.

Eloise at Christmastime:

Another great family movie to watch this winter for those young and old alike is Eloise at Christmastime. The movie is told from the perspective of Eloise, a precocious yet charming six-year-old girl who lives in the New York Plaza hotel. During the movie, Eloise makes it her mission to match up her favorite hotel worker, Bill, with the owner of the hotel’s daughter, before her wedding on Christmas Eve. 

One thing I liked about this movie was its large selection of in-depth characters, all with their own traits and personalities. From the caring Nanny who becomes a determined hero, to a grouchy, yet deeply troubled neighbor, each character has their own story to share. This created a more layered movie with complex characters that the audience relates to as they meet each of the hotel’s staff. 

I also loved the pacing of the movie. Upbeat and fast clips of Eloise running around the hotel or shopping with Nanny balance perfectly with the slower, more emotional scenes. Events included in the movie’s storyline also give characters their screen time before moving on to another scene, which never leaves the audience too bored or overwhelmed. 

However, the movie excelled best at creating a super merry and whimsical feel. I thoroughly enjoyed the cheery music and classic holiday events such as Christmas shopping, tree decorating, and caroling that were mixed into the movie. Overall, Eloise at Christmastime is the perfect lighthearted movie to make this winter feel warmer and sweeter than ever.

The Grinch: 

One great movie to watch with a family of all ages is How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2009). This movie takes place in Whoville before Christmastime, following the Whos as they prepare for their favorite holiday.

Despite the holiday cheer surrounding her, a young girl named Cindy Lou Who doesn’t quite feel the same. When she runs into the Grinch, a green and furry creature notorious for his hatred of Christmas, she makes it her goal to restore his holiday spirit. Despite her attempts, the Whos fail to fully accept the Grinch as their own. Out of anger and spite, the Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for all of Whoville. 

One thing that makes this movie so worth watching is that it encompasses the holiday spirit like no other. Whoville is a town that takes the celebration of Christmas very seriously, filled with elaborate lights, snow-covered trees, bright ribbons and detailed houses. Each of the characters sports fun hairdos paired with festive costumes. Cindy Lou Who is no exception, known for the braids in her hair topped with a cup of eggnog and a candy cane. 

Another reason I love this movie is that it shows the true meaning of Christmas. When Cindy Lou Who learns that the Grinch doesn’t love the holidays as much as the rest of Whoville, she becomes determined to help the Grinch rediscover the love and joy of Christmas by trying to help him connect with the Whos. 

A final reason I highly recommend this movie is its hilarious and lovable characters. Although gruff and slightly aggressive on the outside, the Grinch is extremely funny. Jim Carey’s movement and one-liners crack up people of all ages. After learning about his past, you can’t help but feel bad for him. Additionally, Cindy Lou Who is very sweet, always trying to help people out. 

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