Womens Tennis Will Serve


The 2023 Skyline Girls’ Tennis Team. Credit: Lon Horwedel.

Aya Beydoun

The Skyline Girls’ Tennis Team is a consistently hard-working team that is “definitely worth the watch!” says JV player Kayla Castelow (‘25). “Not only do we make it tough for our opponents, we also challenge ourselves and try new things.” 

Although the season started rough with two parents stepping in to be the new coaches, the team finished the season off with a whopping six wins and two losses. This season they built the team enormously with new players coming in and our seniors gone and made history, winning 6-0 against their biggest competitor, Pioneer High School. The team had a banquet celebrating the season’s victory.

“We have a bigger team and a new assistant coach … we’ve been able to take in new techniques and overall improve our playing this season,” says Castelow. 

This season, the team initially implemented a new rule that seniors may not play on JV teams, with the intention of making more opportunities for the younger players. Coach Beaver commented, however, that “we do have seniors on JV.  Not everyone wants to or gets on varsity senior year and we’re okay with that.¨

The Skyline Girls’ Tennis Team is a place for building friendships and teamwork. Castelow describes the team as “a place to let go and relax with other girls your age.” Not only do they have a strong team bond but they have a strong friendship bond as well, “Sometimes I forget I’m at school and feel like I’m practicing with a group of friends,” Castelow added. 

“The team captains are amazing!” Castelow says. “They are really the heart of the team. Dedicated to not only us winning, but everyone having fun and feeling involved.” Be on the lookout for the Skyline girls tennis team in the upcoming seasons because the Skyline Girls’ Tennis Team is ready to serve!