Is It Worth Reading The Whole Series of Twisted?


The Twisted Series by Ana Huang Credit: Tantor and Blackstone Publishing

“You don’t have to work overtime to get people to love you. Love isn’t earned, it’s given.” 


The Twisted series of four books is honestly a lot. Each is slightly different. There are four girls, Ava, Bridget, Jules, and Stella. They live with each other, they share secrets. They are your normal gossipy, in their early 20s, college girl group. 

Twisted Love is all about Ava Chen. A sweet, rays of sunshine, romantic young girl. With an absolutely horrifying past, Her only family, her older brother, Josh Chen and his best friend Alex Volkov. Alex Volkov has a heart of ice, but for a very special person, he’d end the world. 

Twisted Games is all about the Princess of Eldorra, Bridget and her new bodyguard Rhys Larsen. Their very icey relationship, of budding heads and snarky petty comments sparks into more. Rhys Larsen, an ex-soldier, has his walls built of the finest bricks and will not be knocked down, but possibly for the girl who wants out of her royal life, he might break all the walls surrounding his heart.

Twisted Hate is all about Jules, the human spitting image of Jessica Rabbit. She studied to be a Lawyer. She knows how to argue, how to get what she wants, how to flirt, and how to crush peoples egos. Don’t second guess her. And Josh Chen, studying to be a doctor and Jules’ bestfriend Ava’s older brother. Their teasing relationship might be more than just the inappropriate snarky comments. 

Twisted Lies is all about Stella. A very big influencer on social media. She’s shy, keeps some comments to herself, but it is the life of the party. She somehow meets Rhys Larsen’s agent, Christian and something, despite the lies, despite the differences, sparks into something more. 

Despite these girls’ differences, you grow with them all. You grow attached to the characters. You fall for their ways. You get to be a bystander to their flowy friendship. You realize sometimes all a girl needs is a secure home of just pure love. All of these girls yearn for love, whether they want to admit it or not. 

This is my favorite quote from Twisted Love. In this instance Alex had let go of the only person he let his guard down for, because he believed it would be better for her to live life without him, then to deal with the challenges that came with living and loving him. “Most people thought the biggest sacrifice they could make was to die for something. They were wrong. The biggest sacrifice someone could make was to live for something—to allow it to consume you and turn you into a version of yourself you didn’t recognize. Death was oblivion; life was reality, the harshest truth that had ever existed.” 

In my opinion the only bad thing about some of the books is the length. Sometimes big books can be overwhelming, on top of everything else in life. Another bad thing can be the violent scenes in some of the books. There are some deaths, gun violence, and kidnapping. But they are usually minor, and aren’t very graphic. So if you do read the series, you’ve been warned. 

It’s truly worth it though! I never really felt like trusting another author. Colleen Hoover was the only author I needed to read. Her books were everything to me. But I took a chance on a new author, Ana Huang and fell in love. These books have the best quotes, the type of quotes to live by. It makes you cry, it makes you happy, it makes you laugh. I absolutely LOVE these books.