Breaking News – Lovelace Stepping Down


Lovelace (right) poses with players after a winning Districts in 2022. Credit: Ed Lynch

Mike Lovelace, math teacher and long-time coach for Skyline boys varsity basketball, recently decided to step down from his coaching position in order to spend more time with his family. Lovelace expressed that this decision was difficult for him, but that the time seemed right to step away.

Lovelace has been working with the Skyline basketball program since its origin in 2008, and has thoroughly enjoyed his experience, despite its hefty commitment and effort. “I’ve been doing it for a long time, but it takes a lot of time and effort.” Lovelace states. “I’ve enjoyed the time and effort over the years and I love all the interactions and being with the players.”

Lovelace’s family and children provided a motivation for him to step down. “My kids are kind of the age where they’re gonna be in high school sports,” Lovelace states. “I want to be there, helping out with them and some of their groups of kids that are coming up.” 

He confesses that the decision was hard, but the time felt right. “It just felt like it was a time where [stepping down] would either happen, or maybe I would have to do another four or five years.” Lovelace explains. “I was kind of at this crossroads position… it was actually pretty difficult deciding.” 

Although the program will move forward with his integral leadership, the foundation Lovelace has established for the sport and his overwhelming support over the years will continue to carry the team to great places. 

“A great coach is one who is able to lay a foundation that will still stand strong in their absence,” comments JV coach Jon-Lamar Hamilton on the program’s future. “Lovelace has built a strong foundation and his impact will always be intertwined in the Skyline basketball program. Although he has stepped down as the head of the program, he is still a mentor to the student athletes and coaches. He will always be someone that people can go to with questions or just to talk too because he genuinely cares.”

Lovelace and his pivotal influence in the lives of his basketball students will be missed dearly by the Skyline community, and both administrators and students alike wish him well as this chapter of his life comes to a close and the next one begins.