Stars Above: Is It Worth It to Read Storm & Fury ?


Storm and Fury Cover by Zoie Reichert and Ryan Brooks

Storm and Fury by Jennifer Armentrout is a story about Trinity, an 18 year-old half-angel, as she tests the boundaries that surround her compound with her Protector Misha, a gargoyle. She learns about how life works inside her community that protects her from angel-thirsty demons. Very few people know what Trinity is, but when she gets careless with her actions, she puts everyone she loves in danger.

Storm & Fury‘ is an absolute must read. An immersive experience and a great way to escape into a reality unheard of, this revelation of a novel is packed with drama, romance, and everyone’s favorite: teenage angst. Trinity is an 18 year-old half-angel – the last half-angel to be exact – falling hopelessly in love with a gargoyle named Zayn. All of the half-angels were presumed dead after an apocalypse that devastated their population. 

Trinity was born after the catastrophe, as a result of the archangel Micheal pairing up with her mother. Wardens, like Misha and Zayne, are gargoyles, thought only to be stone until ten years ago. It was discovered that the gargoyles live in communities that target demons, to protect humankind. Demons continue to reign free on Earth, changing their form from ugly monsters to breathtaking beautiful humans.  Humans are aware that the demons exist among them but if they find out that the demons could very well be their next-door neighbors, they could never be able to go to heaven.

This is a book totally worth reading if you like spunky adventure and romance. There are so many good mysteries and Trinity’s life is truly strange but amazing. As the last half-angel, everyone is vying for her attention and some are out to get her, so she is in danger everywhere she goes. Jennifer Armentrout is known for winning multiple awards and the book is part of a series, so the goodness doesn’t end with the first book. In fact, there are two more books including Rage and Ruin and Grace and Glory.

“This book delves deep into the lives of two teens and how they navigate life being in love but having danger surround them wherever they go.” (Zoie Reichert ‘26.) When Trinity meets Zayne, she feels a special connection with him and the story goes on to suprising reveals. With good character development and if you have a heart for fantasy, this book is for you.

People with an active imagination who love fantasy should not run, but sprint to the nearest library. If your life is filled with stress and you need an escape from your unfortunate reality, this book is a must-read. Not only is it immersive, it’s just a nifty experience to read. If you – like many others – are a hopeless romantic and romance fiend, this book is chock full of content for you. Full of frightening mystery, heart-wrenching romance, and stunning fantasy, you can’t put this book down once you pick it up.