Trying to Find a New TV Show to Watch in 2023? Look No Further: Skyline Students Have the Answers!


Elena Mychaliska

Elena (’23) reaches to open Hulu on her iPad.

Elena Mychaliska, Journalist

Have you ever watched a show and thought “slay”? If you are looking for that same feeling, you have come to the right place. Skyline’s student body recently participated in a Skyline Post survey regarding what television shows they binged the most in 2022. Their responses spanned from the long-time favorite Grey’s Anatomy all the way to the new hit Wednesday. “My friend encouraged me to watch it, and I got addicted,” stated Jaeden Klassen (‘24). Keep reading to see the top five shows students couldn’t stop watching this year.



The most popular show of the year by far was Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega. Tim Burton, the creator of iconic movies such as Beetlejuice and The Night Before Christmas, made his return to directing through the show. Wednesday is a revival of 1991’s The Addams Family, except the show solely follows the beloved Wednesday Addams in discovering the perpetrator of a series of murders. It falls into the horror, drama, and coming-of-age genres. The show checks many crucial boxes, such as having demographic appropriate humor and an engaging plot, being that it takes the form of a murder mystery. The show’s world also matches that of other fan favorites, such as Harry Potter, with curated and stylized environments, traditions, social dynamics, clothing, and more within the spooky town of Jericho, Vermont. “I enjoyed the stylistic part of the show more than I thought I would,” said Bella Simonte (‘23). If this show sounds like it is up your alley, you can stream it through Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, Hulu, fuboTV, and Vudu. If you want to know more, check out the Skyline Post’s review.


Grey’s Anatomy 

Skyline students listed Grey’s Anatomy as one of their favorite shows, many sharing they loved the show because of its focus on medicine, a field they are interested in. Released in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy follows the life of a surgeon, Meradith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo, and her friends and family, as she navigates her medical training and personal life. Nearing season 20, the Guardian notes the show as “a sprawling soap built for a casual viewing relationship” While much of the cast has fluctuates, the consistency of Meradith Grey and her charming storyline keeps people watching. Students enjoyed it because of its easing-watching quality, which is the product of its dramatic and ever-evolving storyline. “The plot was funny because of how ridiculous it was. But I kept finding myself gasping and surprised anyway,” said Kaitlyn Gastineau (‘23). If you are interested in soap operas, dramas, or medicine, I highly recommend you watch this show. Netflix.


Stranger Things 

Stranger Things was among the top shows at Skyline this past year, its fourth season being released at the beginning of 2022. Stranger Things is a sci-fi show set in the 1980s in Indiana, in which a group of kids uncover a swath of mystery and scandal in their town regarding supernatural power and governmental misconduct. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink, and more, this show’s cast resonates strongly with the age demographics of Skyline. According to the Crimson, “season four has the most compelling, albeit complex plot the series has seen to date.” The show was released in 2016, and is now approaching its fifth season. The interesting character dynamics, matched with the juxtaposition between coming-to-age themes and sci-fi adrenaline, makes this show’s plot super engaging. “The storyline was thrilling yet heartfelt, and it tugged on my heartstrings with the many different coming-of-age tropes that were featured throughout the seasons,” said Olivia Palmbos (‘23). If you are interested in sci-fi, coming of age, or dramas, I highly recommend that you log onto Netflix and start watching!


New Girl 

The Los Angeles based show, New Girl, is another winner. Starring Zoey Deshenel from films such as Elf, the show follows the life of a young woman navigating love and life with her three male roommates. While New Girl is admittedly an incredibly charming and comforting show, many believe that it gets better with time, the Guardian noting it “quickly gets sharper, funnier and a lot less cloying.” Beginning in 2011, New Girl has continued on for 7 seasons. The cast’s dynamics and individual personalities are each individually engaging and endearing. With fairly consistent characters and structure to their episodes, it has been a favorite comfort show amongst youth for years now. “Every episode was similar but funny,” said Maddie Slade (‘23). If you like a classic, feel-good sit-com with a modern twist, New Girl should be the next show you turn on when you need some tv time. Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and HBO Max.


The Office 

The Office, a classic comedy, still reigns over the masses, hitting the top of Skyline’s favorites. Starring notable actors like Steve Carrel and John Krasinski, the show follows the lives of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Scranton Branch employees in their everyday lives. The US version of the originally UK based show was no underdog though, meeting if not exceeding the expectations set by the UK version, ending with a total of 9 seasons. Students report that this show has great characters, hysterical comedy, and a relatable nature. “I liked it because it’s funny and it can always make you laugh if you’re in a bad mood,” said Marin Heusal (‘23). The unassuming location brings out the beauty in everyday life, making it relatable to a broad audience. If you need some comfort and consistency, watch The Office. It is funny, dry humor, with a wholesome sense of hope and togetherness. Hulu and Peacock.