Plans For the Class of 2022


Mr. B, the new cube coordinator, poses with student Kamari Simpson. Credit: Lucas Caswell

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, The Skyline Post decided to compile a list of the Senior’s post-graduation plans to honor their hard work and dedication. Many students have reported traditional plans of college with ambitious majors. Many also plan to take Gap Years for adventurous activities such as traveling, gaining work experience, or playing sports.

Congratulations Class of 2022!

Jose Acosta-Velazquez University of Michigan Nursing
Madalyn Aldrich Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University Behavioral Neuroscience
Hashim Aljabri Washtenaw Community College
Emma Allen University of Massachusetts – Amherst Astronomy
Zaylah Allen Washtenaw Community College Business
Shahd Almatroud University of Michigan – Dearborn Biochemistry
Jude Aloqdeh TBA
Samuel Alpern University of Michigan Sport Management
Andreas Andrade Shahinyan University of Michigan Computer Science
Ashraf Arpash TBA dual major in Political Science and Computer Science
Nadezhda Babushkin Eckerd College Marine Conservation Policy Making
Richard Baker University of Wisconsin – Madison Real Estate and Urban Land Economics
Advaith Balaji University of Michigan
Ryan Ball University of Washington Environmental Science with an emphasis on Marine Life
Asher Bank Michigan State University Psychology / Sociology
Olivia Banks Michigan State University dual major in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Joseph Barber Washtenaw Community College Business Enterprise
Kaitlyn Barrett Gap Year to explore – Interested in Music Therapy or Vet Tech
Alexander Bauer University of Colorado Boulder Aerospace Engineering
Kit Bellovin University of Michigan dual major in English and Environment
Felix Benki The Eastman School of Music at The University of Rochester dual major in Psychology and Classical Guitar
Joy Bennett Washtenaw Community College dual major in Political Science and Communications
Noah Berman University of Michigan Computer Science
Jacob Bierman Entrepreneur
Anneka Billick Gap Year to explore and Travel
Sage Billups Savannah College of Art and Design Sequential Art and Illustration
Zoe Blackburn University of Michigan Architecture
Anabelle Blanchard Michigan State University Psychology
Rachel Bobiney Local training program Pursue career in retail
Carissa Bohm University of Illinois Recreation, Sports, and Tourism
Olivia Bolino Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Business
Thomas Botsford-Rhodes Loyola University Chicago
Adam Boucher Michigan Technological University Environmental Engineering
Donat Bower University of Michigan – Dearborn Business
Jack Brady Michigan State University Finance
D’A’Vah Brann Washtenaw Community College
Grace Broderick TBA
Alexys Brown Gap Year to travel
Zackary Brown Gap Year
Colin Brueger Eastern Michigan University Business
Joseph Burns Washtenaw Community College Accounting and a skilled trade
Aaron Burton Washtenaw Community College Nursing
Ashton Burton Cleveland Institute of Art Medical Illustration and Industrial Design
Aidan Bustos TBA
Duncan Campbell Michigan Technological University Applied Ecology
Crispin Carter University of Arizona
Max Caruso TBA Interested in reptiles
Alissa Chabi Gap year with AmeriCorps to work with youth in literature
Se Hwan Cheon Michigan State University Computer Science
Avery Christensen Brigham Young University Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations
Zachary Christiansen Michigan State University Chemical Engineering
Kai Clingenpeel Kalamazoo College
Peter Cohn University of Michigan Composition and Performance Flute
Max Combs Michigan Technological University Materials Engineering
Andrew Cooke University of Wisconsin – Madison Pre-Business
Jessica Courtright Ohio State University
Phillip Crumm College of Engineering at University of Michigan
Leah Cunningham DePaul University Animation and Concept Development
Sydney Cunningham University of Wisconsin – Madison dual major in Political Science and English
Ariel Daniel University of Michigan – Dearborn
Benjamin Deininger Michigan State University Mechanical Engineering
Mayanna Dempsey Washtenaw Community College Creative Writing
Ravi Dhakal The College of Wooster
Elena DiMagno Bowdoin College Science
Nicole DiMarco Honors College at Ohio State University Software Engineering
Sydney DiMarco Honors College at Ohio State University Biochemistry
Alexis Dolan TBA
Brayden Dolan University of Michigan LSA
Caitlyn Donnelly Michigan State University Marketing and Environmental Science
Jayda Douglas Gap Year to travel Interested in Family and Relationship Counseling
John Dowds Washtenaw Community College Construction Management
Trinh Drummonds Washtenaw Community College Mechanical Engineering Degree
Andrew Dunfee University of North Carolina School of Art Filmmaking
Evan Dunham Ohio Wesleyan University Sports Management
Katelynn Eddins Western Michigan University Forensic Photography
Sally Eggleston Kalamazoo College Anthropology
Nicholi Eliaszewicz Eastern Michigan University Finance
Skiyler Ferguson Gap Year to be an assistant at a salon
Dorka Fetter University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance Dance
Mulugeta Fischer Michigan State University Marketing
Christian Flick University of Tennessee Finance
Cole Flowers TBA
Kyle Foster Princeton University Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Amber Fountaine Washtenaw Community College Nursing
Carson Fox University of South Florida Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Kianna Fraga Albuja University of Michigan Nursing
Victoria Gaidoukevitch Michigan State University Computer Engineering
Adam Gardner Michigan Technological University Mechanical Engineering
William Gardner Washington University Business
Jack Gay Get a job related to home building
Emili Gensheimer University of Michigan Biology
Marco Geglio University of Michigan Business
Amanda Gentry Michigan State University Veterinary Medicine
Nathan Geskes Western Michigan University Aerospace Engineering
Patrick Gilles Washtenaw Community College dual major in Graphic Design and Esports
Ronan Gilmore Flagler College International Communication
Alice Glab University of Oregon
Jefferson Gonzalez-Flores Georgetown University Political Economics
Andrey Grover Washtenaw Community College Automotive Technology and Welding
Theodore Gryniewicz Eastern Michigan University Anthropology and Comparative Theology
Natalie Haft University of Michigan Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science
Ella Hall DePaul University Gender and Women’s Studies
Ethan Hall Michigan State University Business and Finance
Jordan Hall University of Michigan
Ryan Hall Michigan State University Biochemistry
Nora Halloran University of Michigan
Dav’on Hamilton Washtenaw Community College Accounting
Arthur Harrison Washtenaw Community College Audio Engineering
James Harrison Jr. Undecided & playing College Basketball Broadcast Communication and Journalism
Phoebe Hart Washtenaw Community College
Emily Hayes Washtenaw Community College Psychology
Jackson Haymart Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Finance and Entrepreneurship
Shannnon Hearndon Washtenaw Community College
Thor Helgeson College of Engineering at University of Michigan
Thomas Henson Washtenaw Community College Automotive Technology
Yui Hidaka University of Southern California San Diego Neuroscience
Mackenzie Hill Eastern Michigan University
Lindsay Horning Valparaiso University Nursing
Amie Howell University of Michigan Molecular Biology
Diego Illuminati Williams Paterson University TBA
John Oscar Jemison-Blais Amherst College Psychology
Andre Jenkins Western Michigan University Psychology
Morgan Jenkins Kalamazoo College Studio Art
TeAnna Johnson Washtenaw Community College
Hana Kaehr University of Michigan Engineering
Christine Kang Stanford University
Gabriel Karras Eastern Michigan University Computer Science
Elijah Kaufman University of Michigan Computer Science
Sammy Kay Washtenaw Community College 3D Animation
Rowan Kerns Michigan Technological University Robotics Engineering
William Kersh Michigan State University Computer Science
Samuel Klein Michigan State University
Elan Kluger Dartmouth College History
Tiana Knox Washtenaw Community College
Jane Konigsberg Northern Michigan University Art and Design
Claire Kozma Case Western Reserve University Human Nutrition
Zachary Kratz Michigan State University International Relations
Benjamin Krukonis University of Michigan Biochemistry
Joshua Krukonis University of Michigan LSA Human Biology
Julian Kukor Purdue University Analytics and Information Management
Aadith Kumar University of Michigan Economics
Harry Kuras University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Studies
Benjamin Kurniawan University of Michigan Computer Science
Emma Larson Ryerson University Environmental Science
Merle Laudenberg TBA
Amor Lay Washtenaw Community College Criminal Justice
Reid LeBlanc Oberlin College of Arts & Sciences
Lauren Lee Hope College
Matthew Lee Michigan State University
Deron Lessure Oberlin College of Arts & Sciences Math
Bryan Lewis Youth Adult Program then to find a job
Vivian Li Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania Economics
Xingge Li University of Michigan dual major in Computer Science and Architecture
Grace Liu The Rhode Island School of Design
Kenichi Lobbezoo University of Michigan dual major in Political Science and International Studies
Bradley Lorenz Gap Year
Lillian Losinski Eastern Michigan University Environmental Science
Lucas Lynch Michigan State University Supply Chain Management
Lochlan Mahan Washtenaw Community College
Ilana Londry Washtenaw Community College
Adie Maki Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago Finance
Carter Malnaik Michigan State University
Raven Marin Eastern Michigan University Film
Aaron Marks Washtenaw Community College Criminal Justice
Eryn Marquardt Reed College Biology or Neuroscience
Andres Marquez Collins Kalamazoo College Engineering
Maddalyn Marrs Washtenaw Community College Social Work or Psychology
Maximilian Masek Charlson School of Management at The University of Minnesota Accounting and International Business
Charlie Masek Playing Junior Hockey in Dallas Texas, and in college- TBA Business and Accounting
Sean McBride Eastern Michigan University Mechanical Engineering
Robert McCurren University of Colorado Denver
Bre’Niyjah McGowan 2 year Nursing Program at The University of Toledo
Evan McKelvey Naval Academy Aerospace Engineering
Iris McNally University of Michigan Biology and Business
Erin McNulty University of Michigan
Ilana Metler Pennsylvania State University Marketing and International Relations
Collin Michele Calvin University Elementary Education
Jake Middleton TBA
Conan Miki University of Michigan Kinesiology
James Miller University of Michigan Biology
Lucas Miller University of Michigan
Bryce Minock University of Wisconsin either Environmental Engineering or Forestry
Mark Mitu University of Michigan Computer Science
Lily Moore Washtenaw Community College
Kyle Morgan Kettering University Medical Engineering
Sophia Morgan Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University Nursing
Maria Morrissey Work Full Time Culinary industry
Trinity Morton Oakland University Vocal Performance
Sophie Motawi Michigan State University
Zane Myler Gap Year for Junior Hockey
Laila Nelson Saginaw Valley State University Criminal Justice
Matayia Newbern Michigan State University Sociology
Lily Nordenbrock Washtenaw Community College Video Game Animation
Emily Nowak University of Michigan Cognitive Science
Danielle Okeke Michigan State University Neuroscience
Annika Olson Michigan State University Pre-Veterinary
Zachariah Olson Wayne State University Honors College
Samuel Ortegon Michigan State University Business Management
Onat Ozer University of Michigan LSA
Molly Page Michigan State University Psychology
Grace Palazzolo Loyola University Chicago
Noah Partridge Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Science
Naida Pashton TBA
Ronan Pasquarella Gap Year
Riya Patchava Michigan State University Creative Advertising
Zoe Patselas Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Communication Design
Brandon Paz Beltran TBA
Samantha Perkins Oakland University Multimedia Journalism
Sebastian Perkins Wayne State University dual major in Biochemistry and Forensics
Latrell Porter Henry Ford Community College Criminal Justice
Marcell Porter Washtenaw Community College Graphic Design
Myree Pratt Salon Professional Academy Cosmetology
Coleson Probst University of Colorado Boulder Biochemistry
Anisha Ramachan University of Michigan Business Administration and Data Science
Sanjay Rao Wayne State University Business
Zachary Redder Calvin University Computer Science
Jenna Reid Colorado State Biochemistry
Thomas Riccinto College of Engineering at University of Michigan
Luke Richard Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University
Heather Ridha Pre-Med Program at University of Wisconsin Madison
Amber Rodriguez TBA
Miguel Rodriguez Trade School Plumbing
Jack Rosenberg Eastern Michigan University Cybersecurity
Alexander Rowse Washtenaw Intermediate School District Young Adult Program
Marley Ryckman Washtenaw Community College dual major in Social Work and Sociology
Gina Sadler University of South Florida Criminology
Isha Saini University of Michigan LSA Environmental Science
Owen Schadler The University of Alabama Architectural Engineering
Simon Schafer Klerkx University of Michigan Architecture
Fiona Schaffer Kalamazoo College
Lucy Scherz Michigan State University Business Management
Addison Schmidt University of Oregon
Alex Schmunk TBA
Bella Schork Michigan State University
Sophie Schrag University of Wisconsin Madison Biology
Hunter Schultz University of Chicago Political Science
Radha Selassie Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University Human Biology
Matthew Sept University of Michigan Architecture
Dennis Serbin Washtenaw Community College Engineering
Mame Diarra Seye Washtenaw Community College
Rohan Sharma Michigan State University Supply Chain Management
Anthony Shaw Washtenaw Community College Welding Technology
Peter Shellhaas Middlebury College Biology
Emilio Silerio James Madison College at Michigan State University Sociology
Josiah Sims Trade School Electrician
Sabrina Skazalski Gap Year something with computers
Julian Skiftad College of Engineering at University of Michigan Aerospace Engineering
Destiny Smetters Full time manager
Elizabeth Smith Washtenaw Community College Dental Program
Alisha Srinivasan University of Michigan Finance
Hailey Stange Washtenaw Community College
Sarah Stansfield University of San Francisco Art History
William Stauffer Fisher School of Business Ohio State University Sport and Fitness Administration/Management
Kyan Steudle Fashion Institute of Technology Interior Design
Lucy Stoy Michigan State University Advertising Creative
Ethan Sung University of Michigan Economics
Gavin Sutton Washtenaw Community College Welding
Adelie Taralunga Michigan State University Business
Ryan Tauber Kalamazoo College Physics
Francesca Telemaco Michigan State University Marketing
Jacques Theriot University of Colorado Boulder Mechanical Engineering
Alexander Theros Albion College Kinesiology
Tejvir Thomas TBA
Sydney Thompson Brigham Young University Pre-Communications and Advertising
Lia Tomilo Michigan State University Marketing
Samatha Towers Central Michigan University Cinema Arts
Alia Tracy Western Michigan University
Paul Trampler Purdue University dual major in Accounting and Finance
William Trevor University of Colorado Boulder
Timo Vaconsin TBA
Jill Vaitkevicius Northern Michigan University Biology
Margaret Vandermark James Madison College at Michigan State University Social Relations and Policy
Hannah VanLoo Michigan State University Experience Architecture
Sabina Verdiyan Ross School of Business at University of Michigan Finance
Alexander Verdiyan-Yousif TBA Finance
Ava Victory University of Pittsburgh Kinesiology
Sarah Wajdi University of Michigan Neuroscience
Ethan Walker Schoolcraft College Welding
Armstrong Wang Rochester Institute of Technology
Brooklyn Warren Washtenaw Community College
Eilie Weatherbee DePaul University Electrical
Cameron Wells Trade School
Ethan White University of Michigan Psychology
Alexandra Wilkie Macomb Community College Pre-Veterinary
Madeleine Willacker Physician Assistant Program at Valparaiso University Health Science
Christopher Williams Brigham Young University Pre-Med
Cody Williams Concordia University
Joseph Williams University of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering
Leyla Willams University of Colorado Boulder Aerospace Engineering
Eva Witowski University of Michigan dual major in Communications and Sports Management
Adam Wood University of Michigan Computer Science
Maya Wooley Michigan State University Kinesiology
Amanion Word Howard University
Samuel Wright TBA
Isabel Wroten University of South Florida Marine Biology
Julia Wywrot Wayne State University Library Sciences
Amy Yankonis TBA
Holden Zann Purdue University Integrated Business and Engineering
Eric Zhang TBA
Erich Zhang University of Michigan Economics